My Fijian Dream – Accommodations

Matangi Private Island Resort

We were transferred by boat to our private island accommodations. I’d never seen such natural beauty. An instant sense of peace filled my spirit.  My room reminded me of a scene from Romeo and Juliet. It was only during those times that royalty were lavished in such extensive delights. From the canopy bed to the outdoor shower, I was immersed in a tropical paradise.

Matangi Private Island ResortMatangi Private Island

We were taken around the corner to Horseshoe Bay, an experience so unique it is listed in “1,000 Places to See Before You Die“, and the surroundings were brighter, more vivid than anything I’d ever seen.

Horseshoe Bay, Fiji

Darren and I talked about renewing our wedding vows after five or ten years and this place would be perfect. I can envision Athena in a simple white dress and flowers in her hair and around her neck. She would make the beauty of a wedding in paradise complete.

Matangi provided entertainment in the evening. Locals filled the restaurant with their voices and their dance. Once again, we were treated like royalty and blessed with culture in the process.

Matangi Island Entertainment

The next morning, I expected to wake up in my home only to see that this type of Utopia only exists in dreams. Instead, the serenity continued.

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  1. Pallavi says:

    Hi Lesley,
    Thank you very much for providing such intricate and picturesque detail of Fiji.
    I shall be dreaming about our next vacation there :)
    Keep streaming.

  2. ShruTroup says:

    Hi Lesley,
    Thank you for taking us on a tour of paradise. I am sure after all this cold I will be ready for a beach vacation! Cheers! – Shru

  3. kenneth says:

    i would so love to stay there – is there anythings special for a Marine with PTSD disabled and – not yet making it.. can i do my installation there a few times for an accommodation???

    that is me thinking out loud, but loving all these places U are going to !!!

    • Lesley says:

      I wish I had an answer to your question. My answer to everything is… it doesn’t hurt to ask. I ask for the most bizarre things and sometimes they take :)

  4. Meg says:

    I love reading your blog! It always makes my list of places I’d love to visit and experience a bit longer!

  5. Pragya says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful. I think I have found my honeymoon destination! Thanks Lesley! Only if I wasn’t confused with all the other places I have visited through your site. *sigh*

  6. This is a wonderful photo essay of a dream vacation. You’ve renewed my desire to find a way to get to Fiji. If all else fails, I am a distance swimmer……………..

  7. J.R.Poulter says:

    Lesley, you are living the life I dreamt of! You live it, I write it! :)

  8. liz says:

    i have looooved seeing your pictures & reading of your experiences in fiji! i have most definitely added it to my bucket list. :)

  9. Claus G says:

    Wow, looks beautiful! I am slightly (very) jealous right now.

  10. plaridel says:

    it would be great to go there someday. one of my friends was born there. he’s of indian descent and talk a lot about the islands.

  11. Ooooooooo, soooooo nice. Aw, I want this. Seems so incredibly relaxing. My heart aches for this. I love your photos.

  12. Jill says:

    Love it!! I am dying to go to Fiji…. it is actually cheaper to fly there from where I live than interstate up to Queensland…. go figure!!

  13. I honeymooned in Fiji. It was wonderful. We caught the flight to Fiji with a second to spare. The flight left an hour early.

  14. Wendy Carter says:

    The pictures are beautiful but it is your expert coverage that makes it so real ! Thanks so much for the ‘virtual’ tour of Fiji ! And, yes, I can picture Athena with a white dress and flowers in her hair and the beautiful smile she will wear as she watches you and Darren taking your vows again!

  15. Hi Lesley,

    These photos are crazy! I’ve been to the South Pacific and Hawaii, but wow–I can’t wait to see the Fiji Islands. I love all of the shots, but the thought of your little one in a white dress for your wedding-vow renewal might be the prettiest :) Thanks for warming up this chilly, grey NJ day.

  16. Jane Grace says:

    When I was here last week I didn’t notice that Fiji, Australia and the area was on your bucket list. Those places were on mine as well along with riding on a motorcycle and publishing a book. To my surprise I published first and THEN went to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Yet to be done? Ride on a motorcycle–how weird is that! Jane Grace

  17. Joy X says:

    Looks like paradise… #BluaFijiAirways

  18. Joan H says:

    Can’t wait to be in paradise and experience a luxury hut

  19. Joan H says:

    forgot to put the tag line #BluaFijiAirways

  20. i’ve been to castaway island, fiji and loved it!
    Reblogged your post abut “Win 2 Round Trip Tickets to Fiji”
    #BluaFijiAirways #BulaFijiAirways

  21. Jill says:

    Ready for the second honeymoon :) #BluaFijiAirways

  22. Lauren says:

    I can’t believe you stayed in all of these beautiful places! Were you able to pick a favorite? #BulaFijiAirways

  23. Elle says:

    Absolutely incredible! You are so very fortunate. I’m glad to see that you are making the best out of these opportunities and living life to the fullest. Pardon me while I continue to live vicariously through you ;) #BulaFijiAirways

  24. i*Kan says:

    It will be our 10th anniv later this year. If we win the tickets, perhaps we can renew our wedding vows there :-p. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the like! #BulaFijiAirways

  25. ayesha says:

    This looks so amazing!!!

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