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Skydive Dubai – The Ultimate Bucket List Check

Skydive Dubai - leaving the plane

Skydiving was always on my ultimate life bucket list. So as soon as I saw my friend’s video of skydiving and that too in Dubai (place where I lived back then in May 2011) I went to the Skydive Dubai website and bought a ticket for myself.

The whole Skydive Dubai experience was amazing and felt like a once in a lifetime chance. Waiting for our turn at the skydiving center, listening to instructions, learning what I have to do while skydiving from my instructor, Smudge. Then getting on a jet plane and then skydiving above the Palm Island of Dubai. I remember and truly cherish all these moments.

One thing that I am so glad about is what my Skydive Dubai instructor told me to do. He told me to keep my eyes wide open while we jump off the plane and try not to close it as most people do that and do not get to experience ‘that’ moment: when you’re standing on the door of the plane at 13000 feet about to dive and then you… DIVE!

Landing with Skydive Dubai

After some time, the parachute opens and we go back up again with speed. Then everything slows down and I felt like I was standing in mid-air. The clouds were above me and below was the city and while we were watching the city I felt like ‘this’ was my way of saying good bye to the place that I was born in and lived for 20 years of my life- Dubai, U.A.E.

There are plenty of adventures still on my extreme adventure bucket list but I think skydiving in Dubai will remain one of my favorites. That feeling that you get just as you leave the plane is remarkable. It will be ingrained in my brain for the rest of my life. Is skydiving on your list?

Skydive Dubai is a great place to cross skydiving off your bucket list. While the para-shoot is open, you have the most magical views and you can’t beat the feeling when you first leave the plane.

~Featured Writer: Najma Aijaz

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2 thoughts on “Skydive Dubai – The Ultimate Bucket List Check

  1. Surender says:

    Last year I had an amazing experience with Skydive Dubai, This is the best I’ve done in my life. In fact look forward to visiting Dubai & I wanna do in again. 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    My most favorite adventure activity to do in Dubai. Thanks for sharing this amazing information.
    I wish to cover some more Adventure Sports in Dubai –

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