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The Joovy Room² Ultralight – Bigger, Better, & Lighter

Ultralight Joovy Room

There are certain things that are extremely important to look for in a great child’s playard and Joovy has taken them all in consideration to create the ultimate in playards! The Joovy Room² Ultralight continues with their modern design, high quality, safety, comfort, and convenience. With its design, size, weight, storage options, carry bag, and easy assembly, the Joovy Room² Ultralight definitely has both parents and children in mind. Finding great children products like Joovy reminds me of all the possibilities for my family. Life is a great adventure and I look forward to experiencing it with Joovy, my baby girl, and my husband at my side.

Modern Design
When it comes to typical baby designs with teddy bears and soft colors, I tend to search for something more. Even though I’m having a girl, I don’t want soft pinks and lace everywhere; I’m hoping for a more modern version of the product, but it needs to hold the same quality. When I saw the Joovy Room² Ultralight green design, I instantly fell in love. The vibrant color and modern style is the perfect fit for our family. Another clever design feature is a solid 600D side panel instead of mesh; it acts as a protective curtain against wind, light, and noise. Positioned properly, this can be an excellent feature on the beach or during nap time. The large pocket on the outer side is great for storing all of the essentials including the carrying bag! The tapered top side rails reduce chances of climbing out and add stability to the playard.  The lower center of gravity also makes it more stable and lighter. The mattress that is included with the Room² Ultralight is made of memory foam, which is extremely comfortable and the super soft 100% brushed cotton sheet only adds to the comfort factor. The Room² Ultralight combines all aspects of previous playards, yet it adds a modern flare.

The Room² Ultralight is  one of the largest, most durable playards on the market, offering 9 square feet of space! It has 50% more nap and play space compared to other playards. Although space is in high demand in our two-bedroom condo, we’ve found a spot in both the bedroom and the livingroom for the playard. By using the playard in the house, we reduce mess and add safety to a play area. Then, at the beach, where we use the playard the most, the baby will have less restrictions and it packs smaller in the car. It offers the best of both worlds by taking up less space for storage and adding more space for play.

As a stay-at-home mom, the weight of baby products is a huge concern. I often find it difficult to move baby items or set them up and the baby isn’t even here yet. The Ultralight has all the same features as the original Room², but it’s lighter. The Room² Ultralight is 30% lighter, a full 10 lbs lighter, than the Room², making it more convenient to carry. The lighter Room² also has upgrades such as tapered legs & walls and a memory foam mattress. The Joovy Room² Ultralight takes all of the popular features of our Room² playard and eliminates the only complaint they’ve ever gotten on the Room² – that it’s too heavy.

The Ultralight has two easy folding features; it can be quickly folded in half or super compact for travel. When folded in half, it takes up only 3.5 square feet of storage space.  You can put it next to the wall, under the bed, behind the door, or in a closet and it unsnaps back to full size in seconds. Of course, there is the more common option for square folding with carrying bag as well.

Carry Bag
All fabric, including the carry bag, is made of the highest quality 600D material and is incredibly durable. The padded handles on the travel bag make travel with kids much easier on you and your shoulders.

Putting the  Room² Ultralight together is so simple that it takes no time or effort. Just open the travel bag, remove the parts, pull upward on each of the side rails until they lock into position, push the floor down until completely flat, and insert the mattress and mattress pad. The entire process took about 3 minutes during the first set-up. Folding up is a cinch as well, and I love the fact that it can be folded in half. If you are just moving it to vacuum, place in another room, or to store under the bed, it’s a unbelievable space saver.

Once my baby girl is mobile, the playard will be one of the most important items. There are times like while cooking or cleaning that I will need a little back-up and our trips to the beach will be complete without the excessive build-up of sand and dust in her eyes. The Joovy Room² Ultralight will be the perfect additional to our family.

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