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Birth to Toddler Years in One Bundle

Peg Perego stroller

I know that some baby products are multi-purpose and Peg Perego is the master of creating innovative designs that function in various roles, but the Switch Four Modular System is even exceptional for Peg Perego. It comes with all the necessities: an infant car seat for road travel, a comfortable bassinet and bassinet stand for nursery and infant-use, a functional diaper bag, and the much-loved Switch Four stroller that holds both the car seat and bassinet. Instead of being called “switch four”, it should be called “switch ten” or more.

Traveling has been a number one priority for my husband and I since we met. We’ve explored the mountains and volcanoes of Costa Rica, the pristine beaches of Florida, California, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Mexico, and the sea life and ocean adventures of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We want traveling to be a treat for our baby and the car to be as comfortable as home itself. The Primo Viaggio car seat, just one part of the Switch Four Modular System, has safety belts, side protection wings to delicately support the baby’s head, and adjustable side impact protection that easily adjusts in 5 vertical positions. The headrest and padding are made of soft microfiber cloth that stays comfortably dry and allows proper ventilation, and the adjustable hood provides protection from the sun and elements during travel. If Athena is going to enjoy riding in the car, it is in the Primo Viaggio car seat that she will find comfort and relaxation. Certified for use in automobiles or aircraft, the Primo Viaggio has been specially created to make babies great travelers right from the very start.

When traveling, a time will come when we’d like to stay over night at a hotel, a family member’s house, or a resort and with the Navetta XL bassinet complete with stand, we’ll have a cozy place to keep our baby safe and warm. The functional stand easily attaches the bassinet, the car seat, or the reversible stroller seat bringing double value and convenience.

A stylish diaper bag is even included in the Switch Four Modular System. The main compartment is spacious with extra interior pockets and a changing pad can be found inside the bag. The zippered external pocket can be used for keys or a cell phone and the two compartments on each side can hold a bottle or two.The over the shoulder strap is great for short trips or the stroller hooks are perfect when on the go.

The Switch Four Modular System is the ultimate travel system and no travel system would be complete without a stroller. The Switch Four stroller offers flawless convenience. The reversible seat switches in seconds and allows the baby to face you or the world ahead. It can easily fold with the seat in either direction and the Primo Viaggio car seat, as well as the bassinet, attaches right to the stroller’s chassis. The updated four-wheel design not only gives the Switch a fresh new design, but with 12 ball bearings and a suspension system, it’s easier to push. It closes easily with just one hand, with or without its seat attached, and it comes with a coordinating Foot Muff, Rain Shield, and Front Bumper Bar.

I’ve yet to see such a full-featured stroller package, but Peg Perego has out-done themselves once again. The Primo Viaggio infant car seat with latch system base, the Navetta XL bassinet and stand, the Switch Four Stroller, and the Borsa Diaper Bag create a complete system with everything a new parent needs to get started.

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