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Sunset Cove Villas Unhurried Tranquility

Sunset Cove Villas, Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, and the surrounding Orange County areas, is the reason my husband and I moved across the continent. There are quaint shops, delicious restaurants, art galleries, beachfront beauty, year-round sunshine, and friendly people that remind me of eastern Canada. Sunset Cove Villas, located directly on the beach and minutes from the heart of downtown, are ideally situated to take full advantage of these benefits.

Rising directly above Laguna Beach’s dramatic coastline, one of the most desirable beaches on the California coast, Sunset Cove Villas face the majestic beauty of the Pacific Ocean, creating a picturesque setting and romantic atmosphere.

The crashing waves, white sand, spectacular sunsets, and gentle breezes make a stay at Sunset Cove Villas priceless.

What nature has not graciously provided, the owners of Sunset Cove Villas have; luxury, ample amenities, and attention to every detail are all part of the Villa experience at Sunset Cove. I’ve stayed in hotels in 33 countries and countless cities, but none have compared to the 180 degree view of the ocean I experienced while waking up at Sunset Cove Villas.

With a balcony on the water and access to the ocean just footsteps away, our Seychelles Villa was the kind of oceanside experience I’d associated with Southern California living, but had yet to attain. I finally soaked up the chance to spend some time living my California dream.

We arrived on Friday evening to a private garage parking spot reserved specifically for us. We were given our own garage remote to come and go as we pleased, without concerning ourselves over hours of operation or others watching our every move. In the busy traffic that congests Laguna Beach, it instantly created a relaxed atmosphere and welcomed us to our getaway.

We entered the property across a quaint patio, down a few stairs and past a lush fountain area to the door of the Seychelles Villa. Upon entering, we were greeted with breezes off of the ocean right away. The staff had set up the villa for our arrival and the balcony door was open reminding us, from our very first impression, that Sunset Cove Villas focuses on the Pacific Ocean.

Walking through the villa, we found complimentary coffee and filters, along with a full-sized coffee maker, beautifully decorated and wrapped soaps, a restaurant guide with a brief description and the full menus of local dining establishments, a perfumed candle made locally, separate satellite television receivers in each room, along with a master-bedroom television that remotely hid in a chest at the foot of the bed, jet bath tubs, universal remotes for the electronic entertainment, Wi-Fi and dedicated data-communications lines, extremely comfortable and highly maintained rooms, plush materials and furniture, monogrammed linens, and an at-home setting.

The fully-supplied kitchen, island, and living room were combined in an open room with floor to ceiling windows to the balcony. Of the greatest import, the open-aired room had a commanding view of the picturesque sunsets that I’d only imagined possible in enhanced, edited photos.

My first-ever sunrise, and one of my Yearly Bucket List items, was a serene, dream-like affair with the cool, morning ocean breeze and the hushed lull of waves crashing on the shores. My husband and I found comfort in the cloud-like bed and the array of natural beauties that filled our surroundings. While the rest of the world moved at a frantic pace, we reveled in an air of unhurried leisure and tranquility.

The balcony, set up with glass panel railings to allow a pristine view of the ocean, is where we spent most of our time while at the villa. It had a table, chairs, and loungers as well as a barbecue where we made our dinners.

The full grocery store about a hundred yards away from the villas allowed us to choose our favorite foods and prepare our own romantic meals. While the restaurants in Laguna Beach are fantastic, it was romantic to be able to dine above the ocean in a private setting. Granite countertops, high-end appliances, and every pot, pan, and utensil we needed made the entire dining experience easy.

Many great art galleries and shops are within walking distance of the villas and The Sawdust Winter Fantasy fair offered us the opportunity to purchase unique artisan crafts from various local artists. With live entertainment, hands-on art projects, and picture-perfect moments, the Sawdust Art Festival’s Winter Fantasy was an unexpected treat during our evening walk.

With eight unique and distinct villas ranging from one, two, or three bedroom floor plans, the Sunset Cove Villas offer a fantastic local getaway. Whether you’re seeking a romantic retreat, a family adventure, or an exclusive yet down-to-earth place to call home, Sunset Cove Villas offer something special for everyone. We found a priceless, relaxing retreat to bring back some romance before our baby girl arrives.

For other bucket list experiences in Laguna beach and the rest of California check out our ultimate California bucket list.

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10 thoughts on “Sunset Cove Villas Unhurried Tranquility

  1. Shira says:

    Jeez.. these are so crazy beautiful les!
    The last sunset pic u have, its unbelievable but at the same time, you can’t question how nature simply catch out breath!

    1. Lesley says:

      I felt like royalty while I was at Sunset Cove Villas. The ocean, the room, the view… everything created this relaxed atmosphere where the rest of the world disappeared.

      1. Shira says:

        Yep.. I can clearly see that (look up pictures)!

  2. Lovely. I see why you moved!

    1. Lesley says:

      Have you ever been to California?


  3. Louise says:

    I want to go….Looks like a great place to stay and relax. Is there wheel chair accessibility and easy access to the beach?

    1. Lesley says:

      I’m always certain they have wheel chair accessible rooms but there isn’t easy access to the beach for a wheelchair.

      Are you thinking about visiting SoCal? You know I just live up the street from here, right?


  4. Anita Archer says:

    It sounds and looks perfect!

  5. Francy R says:

    You can not relax in such a fairy place! It sounds awsome!

  6. I was in northern CA about 40 years ago and loved it. Lived at the time in Portland. Nowadays, as far west as I get is AZ and CO-WY. For big water & beaches, Michigan and FL. One day I hope to get back and take a month to drive the entire west coast. You live in a beautiful spot, Lesley.

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