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Three Things You Must Do At Maho Beach, St. Martin

St. Martin beach plane flying overhead

The first thing you must do is Duck when visiting Maho Beach in St. Martin! This beautiful beach to the west of Simpson Bay on the Dutch Side of St. Martin (St. Maarten) is notorious for its proximity to the airport.

Planes of all sizes routinely land and take-off, seemingly within feet of the beach.

In fact, swimmers are cautioned to secure their belongings out of the flight path lest a jumbo jet blow items (and them, too, judging from the sign) into the surf. The danger, or perhaps the juxtaposition of the serene surf again the roaring planes, is a big draw. This is a very popular beach on St. Maarten.

The second thing you must do is swim. A gorgeous strand of silky sand and azure water beckons. (The airport sits across the street to the right, east.)

The third thing you have to do is party! The fabulous and famous Sunset Beach Bar sits adjacent to Maho Beach. It has several sprawling decks, an extensive bar, band facilities, rest rooms, changing areas, and friendly people. It was voted #3 Sexiest Beach Bar in the World by Travel Channel viewers and they were right. This place rocks.

The one thing you must not do at Maho Beach is “fence surf.” This activity requires people to hang on to the chain link fence as airplanes rev their jet engines. Being buffeted by the jet-wash, and sometimes becoming human tumbleweed, is great entertainment for onlookers. The practice is extremely dangerous and not something you should attempt.

Featured writer: Susan McDaniel

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