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Top 5 Extreme Adventures – #4 Sky Jumping from the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino!

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In the last few years, I’ve participated in the most extreme adventures that I could imagine. Even my wedding day included a little bit of rock climbing and a trip up the trapeze ladder to swing my way into married life. You may have a different opinion of what constitutes an extreme adventure, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 extreme adventures based on sheer fear, nervousness, excitement, and potential to crap my own pants.

Falling in the number four spot is the Sky Jumping from the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino!

Have you ever stood in the window of a massively tall building and looked down only to worry about the horrific fall if something were to go wrong? The Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino brings those nightmarish thoughts to reality and puts the Sky Jump in the top four spot of extreme adventures.

Atop the 1,149-foot-tall Stratosphere is a controlled free fall Sky Jump similar to base-jumping. Connected by a cable while wearing my snazzy jumpsuit and harnessed to the edge of the observation tower, I lept, or if you were actually there watching me, I closed my eye tightly and fell, off of the platform and prayed that the guide wire would keep me from slamming into the tower’s cement columns 855 feet below. With a view like no other, I fell from the top of Vegas!

Before the jump, we were prepped and suited up in Stratosphere’s custom jump suits and given a safety lesson. After a short elevator trip to the top of the Stratosphere Tower, we needed to decide who was going to jump first. Since it was my husband’s first “falling” experience, I offered to go before him and take pictures from the landing platform. 

I was connected to a high-speed “descender” and led to the edge of the jumping platform.

Standing on a four foot platform 108 floors above Vegas was the most nerve racking experience of my life. The instructor asked me to step toward him and toward what looked like my death. The last step before I plummeted through the sky was the hardest. I needed to shut off my brain and simply listen to the instructions.

As the countdown began, 5-4-3-2-1, my goose bumps had goosebumps, my heart pounded in my chest, and the winds against my face screamed “Don’t do it you idiot!”


Here I go. I gripped my harness and edged my toes off the platform. That was all it took! The wind caught my legs and I was off into the skies.

My eyes were closed for the first 2 seconds then I felt the cable catch and a false sense of security came over me. The cable was my safety and although I was falling at about 40 miles per hour, I was secure.

The wind was rushing in my face and I let out one yell of excitement: YEAH! I was invincible and free!

Safely on the platform, I quickly regained my composure and grabbed the camera to get
photos of Darren’s jump. My hands were shaking so badly that I had to sit on the ground and rest my elbows on my lap to get a steady shot. The adrenaline was pumping so fiercely through my body that I could have been hit my a car and I wouldn’t even have felt it.

I instantly wanted to return to the top of the Stratosphere as I snapped off picture after picture of Darren falling through the sky. 

Skyjump is an adrenaline junkies quick fix. For only $100, I was given the ultimate view of Vegas through the highest controlled free fall in the world. All I needed to do was take a leap of faith and open my eyes.

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