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Peg out with Baden’s Champions Series Croquet Set

I have fond childhood memories of playing croquet at my summer home with my family,
including my parents, my grandparents, and my siblings. Regardless of rain or shine, sun or darkness, we could be found on the front lawn playing croquet or horseshoes. Now that I have a growing family of my own, I want to instill the same sense of happiness with the outdoors in my family. My baby girl may only be 6 weeks old, but finding the right outdoors games and activities is on my mind now more than ever. Baden’s Champions Series Croquet Set is the perfect addition to my collection of outdoor family games. Its high quality and durability will ensure that my family will have years of use yet the price isn’t hard on the bank account.

Croquet is a game played on lawns with lightweight equipment, 9 wickets, 2 stakes, and the course is layed out in a traditional double diamond shape. The wickets are metal or wire pieces that look like miniature arches and are located throughout the croquet course. You must move your ball along the course by hitting it through the various croquet wickets. You eventually win the game by being “pegged out” which means your balls hit the finishing stake. Other croquet equipment includes the mallets, balls, and flags.

The Champions Series Croquet Set includes 6 maple mallets with soft, rubber, color-coded grips that provide durability and precision play. There are 9 vinyl coated 7mm diameter heavy duty wickets, 2 end posts, and 6 resin colored balls. The durable, nylon, water-proof carrying bag holds the set for storage or travel and the inside pockets organize each item. The included rule-book explains court setup and gameplay.

After playing in the park and being transported back to childhood, I was very impressed with the quality of all the items in the set. My husband and I gave the set a good workout and all parts and pieces performed flawlessly. Nothing chipped or showed any wear. The padded mallets felt great and I don’t foresee getting the “rack callus” on my hands. As our family grows and barbecues, yard parties and birthday parties, and relaxing, outdoor evenings become a regular occurrence, Baden’s Champions Series Croquet Set will be part of our family.

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