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Namasté Sara! You Can Cross Spa Day off your Bucket List

Everyone has a different version of what they’d like to accomplish, try, or experience in their life. While I enjoy extreme adventures, sports, outdoor activities and anything to do with the ocean, others like retreats, relaxing, and finding peace of mind. Sara of New Brunswick, Canada had “spend a day at the spa” as her number one bucket list item. As soon as I read her list, I knew there was at least one thing I could arrange for her. With the support of Namaste Spa, Bucket List Publications helped Sara cross an item off of her list.

At Namaste Spa, their approach to customer well-being is simple; they provide what customers need to relax, to revitalize, and to heal. Their goal is to look after you and help you reconnect with yourself. You will return home with an energized body and a blissful spirit, better able to nurture what matters most in life: your relationships, your health, your work and your dreams. Their goals matched perfectly with Sara’s friendly, peaceful demeanor and the initiative of Bucket List Publications.

As soon as Sara walked up the stairs to Namaste Spa, she immediately fell in love with the entire decor.  It was an incredibly calm and soothing atmosphere where she felt relaxed the moment she arrived.  She was immediately greeted by Jenna who welcomed her with a smile and asked if she’d like any water or tea.  She also took Sara’s jacket and her shoes and gave her some flip flops instead.  Immediately, Sara’s dreams were coming true. A sense of freedom and calm consumed her entire body and mind.

While Sara waited for her first treatment, she sat down by the window on a beautiful bench; it was then that she was able to truly appreciate her surroundings. She said, “They had all sorts of different products, so I got up to take a look around and review some of the different pamphlets they had. There was a lot of holistic stuff.  Their decor was really what impressed me though.  There was lots of beautiful bamboo and huge murals with candles or lights along the bottom sitting on rocks.  It was absolutely beautiful!”

They started with the Chakra Massage, which is a blend of massage and energy work to open and balance energy centers in the body. This treatment featured a body massage, Chakra assessment, and energy work for the Chakras to bring well being to the body, mind, and spirit. At the end of treatment, Sara was left with the total feeling of balanced harmony within her body.

Before the massage, the masseuse told Sara to get undressed and to lay under the blanket and they would return in 5 minutes, giving her enough time to snap some pictures and prepare.  Once she was under the sheet facing down, she placed her head onto the headrest and noticed they had strategically placed a cute little flower on the ground so she was not just looking at the floor during her massage. They returned to the room and spoke very softly, letting Sara know that they would begin. They also told her that they would be using hot towels and hot oils. “I was treated like a celebrity,” Sara said.

During the massage, the lights were dimmed and there was calming music playing. Jenna, the masseuse, advised Sara that the massage would last 50 minutes and both Jenna and Fabiola will be working on her at the same time. When they started, Sara thought it was just one person.  “There’s just no way two people can move at the exact same pace with the exact same pressure and do the exact same maneuvers,” Sara reminisced. “It was the most amazing feeling!”

After the massage was over, they again spoke to her in a very calming, soothing voice, letting her know that she was welcome to get changed and that she’d be heading into the next room for her pedicure.

Fabiola performed the next stage of the treatment. She asked Sara to go to a large wall with tons of nail polish choices to get a polish that she’d like. The pedicure started by Fabiola testing the water to make sure it was hot enough. She offered water, tea, or a magazine before Sara set her feet into the perfect temperature water.  She then took Sara’s foot and applied a foamy substance to the heel and ball of her foot to soften them before scrubbing them.  She also cut her nails, filed them, pushing back the cuticles, and applied cream to each toe. Finally, she scrubbed the sole of her foot with a foot file. Once that was finished, she repeated the process with the other foot. She finished up by dipping Sara’s feet in paraffin wax, applying slippers for five minutes, and wiping away the wax.

Sara’s happiness was obvious: “I wiggled my toes right away and was astounded at how incredibly SOFT my feet were, and still are! I used to hate rubbing my feet against my leg or my other foot because they were so rough.  But now?  I love feeling my feet!  They are so soft, I am definitely a lover of paraffin wax with my Pedis now!”

After she took the wax off, she then buffed Sara’s toe nails and applied the polish twice to make them perfect!  She let the polish sit for about 10 minutes and then it was time for the facial.

The final treatment was a facial, which was a first for Sara. She was led to another room and placed a towel over the top half of her body. Starting with a light cleanser, she removed any makeup from Sara’s face. She applied an exfoliating cream and wiped it off with a warm, soft cloth.  She massaged Sara’s face and neck, continuing the relaxing and calming motions.  After that, she applied a mask to Sara’s face for 20 minutes. She left Sara in the room to relax, listening to the calm, soothing music.

Twenty minutes went by and she was back to take off the mask. “It was the smoothest face I ever had!”

At the end of the spa day, Sara was left feeling relaxed and confident, knowing she had the smoothest face and feet in the Greater Moncton Area!


Dreams are meant to come true and if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Thanks for submitting your bucket list, Sara and we look forward to the next bucket list adventure.

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3 thoughts on “Namasté Sara! You Can Cross Spa Day off your Bucket List

  1. Chanel says:

    Ohhhh a day at the spa sounds fantastic right about now! Congrats on crossing off your #1 bucket list item Sara 😀

  2. Kristie says:

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait to do this myself!

  3. Dilip says:

    Beautiful narration! Reading it makes one feel relaxed. And yes being from India the ‘Namaste’ did intrigue me 🙂

    Nice to be here.
    Best wishes.

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