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Waterproof Packing Made Easy – Exped Torrent 50

Exped Torrent

Backpacking, caving, biking, mountaineering, canyoneering, paddling… the list of bucket list adventures where you need to keep your gear dry goes on and on. The Exped Torrent 50 backpack keeps water away from your precious gear so it stays dry and you stay carefree. Take on wet conditions with this waterproof pack that offers welded seams and waterproof closures. If you find yourself battling wet conditions, this should be your go-to pack.

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane and finished with welded seams and waterproof closures, the Torrent 50 can take some banging around and still keep your gear dry. You never know where your next adventure will take you or what weather will come your way. Rain or shine, I like to know that my precious camera and other gear is dry and safe.

The Torrent is user-friendly with a fold and roll closure for waterproof performance. All you do is roll the top three times then snap the buckle shut. The fold and roll closure allows you to vary the pack height so you can accommodate lots of gear for an overnight or just enough for a day trip. It also eliminates zippers that could fail, guaranteeing waterproof protection.

The functional packsack design has a narrow base that puts the center of gravity close to the body and warrants perfect load control. The increasing volume of the pack towards the top enhances load transfer as the weight can be distributed depending on activity, and the top compression strap can be used to compress the pack or to secure gear like rope or raingear when not in use.

The Torrent’s padded shoulder straps and hipbelt are comfortable enough to wear while hiking all day. Shoulder strap webbing is secured to the base for superior control of the pack at all times. All adjustable straps have velcro tidies: keeping the strap ends from flapping in the wind or getting caught in unexpected places. The removable hipbelt is fixed in place and reduces pressure on your hop bones.

Exped’s Torrent 50 is rugged and great for wet conditions from hiking and biking to paddling. It’s functional to the core with perfected packsack shape, comfort harness, low weight, and a loads of space. The compact size combined with a body contact profile with a generous opening will make the Torrent 50 your favorite all-weather companion.

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4 thoughts on “Waterproof Packing Made Easy – Exped Torrent 50

  1. Phil says:

    This is exactly what I need for kayaking! I’m going to check them out now.

  2. Danny says:

    Perfect for the weather in NFLD! I love their site too.

  3. Dawn says:

    The residents of Maine should become spokespeople for this pack. It is great for just about everything that we do.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Michelle says:

    It’s on sale on Amazon. I just bought it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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