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A Roller Coaster in the Sky – Biplane Fun

Biplane Fun

When it comes to adventure, rolling, spinning, flipping, and diving at 4,000 feet off the ground is hard to beat. Add an open-air cockpit and a beautifully restored 1943 WWII Stearman biplane and you have a day you’ll never forget. Biplane Fun took me on a roller coaster in the sky where adventure lingered around every cloud. This 360 degree experience was over some of the most beautiful scenery in America, and the aggressive maneuvers provided the most adrenaline-filled rush of my life.

As I climbed the ladder and slid down into the deep, open cockpit, I had no idea what to expect. I’d been in an airplane and a helicopter but the open cockpit was a totally new experience; it was like driving in a convertible in the sky. There were harnesses, a selection of handle grips, and a dashboard filled with gauges showing altitude, air-speed, and G-force. Mike, the exceptionally skilled pilot, climbed into the cockpit behind me leaving me to the wide-open view of SoCal.

Take-off put the wind in my face and the clouds within reach. Before I even realized we were off the ground, Mike had us at a 90 degree angle. My back slid comfortably against the seat and I knew we weren’t going to have a relaxing flight. No, Mike had something else in store for me.

I watched the city turn into a maze of streets an the Pacific ocean was quickly under us. The massive mansions of Palos Verdes turn into specs as we rose above the clouds. The beauty was overwhelming and I almost forgot what was about to happen. Regardless, there is nothing that can prepare you for the sensation of four times the normal G-force pushing your body into something weighing 360 kilograms then pulling you away and toward the ocean below.

With wing overs, barrel rolls, loops, spins, and a hammerhead, my mouth was agape and my heart was pounding. Filled with adrenaline, I took a deep breath and reveled in the greatness of excitement and biplane fun.

Upside down with Biplane FunBiplane Fun ride

Most bi-plane rides are tailored to the individual rider and Mike knew that I would never say uncle. As we twisted, turned, and fell out of the sky, I screamed with excitement and joy. After years of trying every extreme adventure that was possible, including skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, para-sailing, base jumping, and whitewater rafting, I found the most memorable and extreme excitement in Biplane Fun.

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3 thoughts on “A Roller Coaster in the Sky – Biplane Fun

  1. Christine (The Brighter Side of Life) says:

    WOW – what an incredible adventure! I can just imagine the adrenaline you felt with that experience. Must have been hard to “come down” after landing. What a way to view the world below. Just awesome!

  2. Priya says:

    Wow – what a fun adventure! Your bi-plane ride looks awesome!!

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