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Camping Necessities and Niceties with Mountainsmith

Monarch 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

We’ve been living and camping in California, especially in the California National Parks, for the last two years so owning a warm sleeping bag certainly wasn’t a necessity, but now Mountainsmith Monarch Sleeping Bagthat we live North Carolina our needs have drastically changed. The summers are still hot but camping is a year-round activity and we don’t want any restrictions. With the Fall upon us, it was time to buy a warmer sleeping bag. Since Mountainsmith brought its 30+ year heritage in the outdoors back to the sleeping bag category, it was our first choice. The Monarch 0 Degree sleeping bag is ideal for cold and wet weather camping or anyone who struggles to stay warm when the thermometer drops. The bag accommodates a host of features guaranteeing a sound night’s sleep. Add in the value of the cotton storage sack and sil-nylon compression stuffsack and this bag can’t be beat.

Mountainsmith Monarch Sleeping BagWe now live in a humid, wet climate where rain is the norm this time of year, but with the appropriate gear, that doesn’t have to be the end of our camping weekends. The Monarch 0 Degree is insulated with compressible, MountainLoft Hollowfiber synthetic fill. It’s water-resistant and continues to provide warmth even when wet. After a rainy, damp night of camping, refer to my “fun” experience in Switzerland, you will truly appreciate a sleeping bag like the Monarch. The relaxed fit is combined with a form-fitting, adjustable hood, a full-length draft tube, and a neck baffle collar to make sure you stay warm and sleep well. As Canadians, we’re not unfamiliar with cold weather; we’re adaptable, but it’s a whole lot easier and more comfortable with fitting gear like the Monarch sleeping bag.

Mountainsmith Monarch Sleeping Bag

The sil-nylon compression stuffsack stuffs down to 16″x10″ making it easy to carry and, weighing in at 4 pounds 10 ounces, lightweight.   The compression straps are great handles when packing the bag or throwing it in the trunk of the car. We won’t be doing any extreme mountain camping or multi-day hikes any time in the near future but with countless baby items and all of our gear space is at a premium. The Monarch doesn’t require a lot of room yet it packs a warm punch.

The only thing missing from the Monarch 0 Degree sleeping bag is a kangaroo pouch for Athena.

Dear Mountainsmith, a kangaroo baby pouch should be your next invention.


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3 thoughts on “Camping Necessities and Niceties with Mountainsmith

  1. Susan says:

    I was just looking for a new sleeping bag two days ago. I’m glad I didn’t buy one yet. I’m going to look for this one on Amazon right now.


  2. Ken says:

    Just ordered one! I’ll let you know what I think.


  3. Darren says:

    Sounds a good sleeping bag to me!
    Material is good quality for the environment you live in. Sounds a good all round bag!

    Best of luck with it, and have a good season camping!!

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