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All the Amenities at A Fraction of the Price: Brookstone Lodge, Asheville

Brookstone Lodge, Asheville

Biltmore Estate was on my 2012 bucket list and time was running out so this weekend we made our way to Asheville, NC to experience Brookstone Lodge, Asheville, NCthe grandeur and beauty of Biltmore at Christmas. Brookstone Lodge is just minutes from Biltmore and was our home base for the weekend. It offers all of the amenities and charm of other, excessively expensive, accommodations and it was just minutes from the entrance to Biltmore, but it didn’t come with the hefty price tag. With complimentary deluxe breakfast, an indoor pool, free high speed wireless internet, and comfy, convenient rooms, Brookstone Lodge was the perfect addition to our weekend getaway in Asheville.

We arrived on Friday evening and the front desk staff answered a ton of questions that we had about local craft stores, dining, and family fun recommendations. Although peppermints at the desk are by no way extravagant, it was well received by all of the guests. Every time Darren and I walked by, we stopped to grab a mint and be greeted with a warm, “How are you today?” from the staff. The simple gesture made our stay more personal.

Brookstone Lodge, Asheville, NCOur room included FREE high speed wireless internet (after spending 10 days in Fiji, I almost forgot about free internet), a 32″ flat screen HDTV, granite tub and vanity,  microwave, coffee maker, mini-refrigerator, and two queen-sized beds. As parents, there are a few things that make a difference in a room now that we might not have thought of before. We need a fridge; Athena’s food needs to go in the fridge when it’s opened. It would suck to throw out every opened container that she didn’t finish. I forgot to ask about it when booking the room but I was pleasantly surprised to see it when we arrived. Also, we need lots of pillows. We let Athena sleep in the bed when traveling. It can be such a hassle lugging a crib or ask for one to be put in the room, and I don’t really like the idea of her sleeping in a different crib since many of them are older or don’t have rail protection. She’s old enough now to roll away from pillows or push them away from her face but she’s also old enough to roll out of the bed if there’s no barrier. (Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way.) The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was the extra pillows on the bed and in the closet. It’s easy enough to call the front desk and ask for more but any avoided hassles are a plus. As for us, cleanliness is top priority in a hotel room. The sheets and comforter were a crisp white and the granite tub and vanity were gleaming. I even took off my shoes because the carpet was so clean; that rarely happens at a hotel. Overall, the room had everything we were looking for without being excessive.

Brookstone Lodge, Asheville, NC

Waffles, eggs, a variety of breads, fruits, juices, cereal, and yogurts, sausage, and hot beverages filled the breakfast area. Both Christmas Outfitmornings, we treated ourselves to fresh waffles and maple syrup with fruit on the side. The other guests were friendly and we exchanged thoughts about Biltmore, whether we were heading there for the day or recently visited. Athena made friends, like always, by smiling at everyone that walked by. She was in her “Santa Rocks” outfit with candycane stripped stockings, making it impossible for everyone that saw her not to grin.

At less than 2 miles from the Biltmore gates, Brookstone Lodge is in a prime location when visiting Asheville; no directions are required since they are on the same street.

We relaxed “mountain style” in new accommodations with exceptional customer service and a full breakfast. What more could we ask for?


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  1. Kelly says:

    What great timing! We were just looking for a place in the area so we can visit Biltmore. I’m going to look on their webpage now. It looks good.



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