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Cirque Dreams Holidaze – Where Even Seeing is Still Too Hard to Believe

Cirque Dreams Holidaze

From the moment the curtain goes up until the last bow, Cirque Dreams Holidaze is tooCIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE amazing to believe even when witnessing it with your very own eyes. It’s a dreamland of tinsel and glitter and candy cane flair. Acrobats twirled. Reindeer skipped. Gingerbread men flipped. Penguins teeter-tottered atop endless cylinders. And I sat in continuous awe while constantly saying, “oh my god!”, “wow”, “oh no they can’t be about to…”, and “holy sh**”. Cirque Dreams Holidaze makes the impossible, possible.

Cirque DreamsCreated by Neil Goldberg, Cirque Dreams Holidaze floods the stage with non-stop energy and elaborate costume design, but the real jaw-dropper is the performers, all so good at what they do that it makes you question movement as you know it and whether you’re truly awake or in a dream.

An incredible display of strength and precision was the jump rope act. What started out as a simple jump rope display, continued to a double-dutch routine, followed by front-flips and back-flips through more ropes, and even included jumping rope while on each other’s shoulders within another layer of jump ropes. Got it? No, me either and I was there.

It’s impossible to choose a high point or a stage-steeling performance but my mouth was particularly agape when two acrobats dressed as penguins performed a complicated and dangerous balancing act on several cylinders and tables stacked over ten feet high. Another unbelievable moment was when a young gingerbread man performed over 50 head-over-heels flips on the feet of another gingerbread man; he flipped like a rag doll again and again and again.


While the contortionist’s talent is well beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, I spent half the time looking away or shaking my head in disbelief. I was amazed by it and hated the thought of it all at once.


Even while artists are performing, there are background performers moving as stunning
scenery or singing out, their astounding vocals filling the theater. What is happening before your eyes is a truly remarkable experience.

After a wonderful final performance of Aerial Angels, the entire cast reunited on-stage for their curtain call and I was left wondering could that all have really just happened or was my head filled with Cirque Dreams?

Catch a glimpse of the show in the video below or see the real thing for yourself.


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