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New Motivation – Biking & Detours

Detours biking bag

One of my 2013 Bucket List items is to continue exercising at least three times a week. As a new mom and a busy traveler it can be difficult to find the time to hit the gym but I’m consciously trying to make the effort, which is why I added it to this year’s list. I’ve always completed all the items on my list regardless of how difficult they were. Running on an exercise machine can leave me unmotivated though and dreading the experience. With a bike sitting on my patio calling my name, I thought I’d give it a try and I found my motivation again.

I go alone!

I’m blessed to be able to stay at home with my daughter. She is amazing and I smile so much when she is around me that I find my Athena and Mommycheeks hurting by the end of the day. She’s now 9 months old and I’ve learned that I do need some alone time in my schedule and biking gives me a sense of private time while exercising; it’s a perfect fit.

The weather in Charlotte allows me to still enjoy the crisp air without worrying about icy roads or excessive snow. I can go out for a few hours and enjoy my new surroundings even in the middle of winter. The only thing I needed was a bag for my stuff while out on the bike. I carry a backpack almost daily and a chest carrier with a baby almost hourly so I wanted something that gave me more freedom.

I found the Fremonster Flap Pannier from Detours and with its bold print and distinctive lines, it looks just as good off the bike as it works on it. I can throw it over my shoulder when I go into a store or a coffee shop or use the simple clips to attach it to my bike rack. The interior mesh pocket is the perfect size for my keys, laptop, phone, and the hide-away rain cover. (It may not snow much this time of year in Charlotte but I can guarantee we’ll get regular rain.)

Fremonster Flap Pannier

Fremonster Flap PannierWith a baby girl, I see pink, pink, and more pink. I see frilly dresses and tu-tu skirts; I see pink stockings and owl hats; I see girly all day long! it made me realize that I rarely buy something for myself and it is most certainly not “girly”. The bright pink and orange of the pannier along with the beautiful flower design bring a little bit of “feminine” back into my style. In the Mommy world of jogging pants, sweatshirts, and runners, it’s nice to have some pink of my own, even if I am strapping it to my bike and getting a workout in.

The pannier doubles as a day pack for around town and I can even throw Athena’s diapers and food in there rather than taking a diaper bag. I use the zippered pocket for bank cards and leave my purse behind, making the Fremonster Flap Pannier the only bag I need.


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