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Westcomb – Worth the Splurge!

Westcomb jacket

We actually had several days with ice and snow in North Carolina. After living in Laguna Hills, California for the last two years, I Westcomb Outerwearthought ice and snow were a thing of the past. I was warned that it was going to happen. I know, I know; I’m Canadian. Suck it up. I lived in -60°C weather during two years of my life in northern Manitoba; I should be able to handle a little bit of ice for a few days. The reality is, though, that I gave away all of my winter gear when I moved to the US and I didn’t keep much more than a sweater. My body adjusted to the warmer temperatures so I needed to prepare. With my previous experiences, I know to layer. Finding that perfect all-season, go everywhere jacket that fits my active lifestyle can be difficult. I figured I’d look at companies that would know best – Canadians. Whether I’m walking with Athena or exploring the city, a lightweight, waterproof jacket is the staple that will make all the difference. A stand-out among the countless choices is the Fuse LT Hoody from Westcomb. The key – their Polartec NeoShell. It’s constructed entirely of eVent DVL, a 100% waterproof and air permeable material for extremely effective protection and ventilation. Like all Westcomb products, it’s designed and manufactured in British Columbia and it’s well worth the splurge.

When I’m buying something for Athena, I know that she’s going to grow out of it in a few months so I try to save the money and buy cheap. Who cares if it lasts or if I get stains on it? She’s not going to fit in it in two months anyway. Purchases for me are different. I still have clothing that I wore in high school and I graduated in 1999! Some products like jackets are multi-functional and can be worn daily so it’s important to find something that will last. The Fuse LT Hoody’s fabric, stitching, seams, and weight make it the ultimate, durable jacket.

The Fuse LT Hoody is made with 340 NRS Polartec NeoShell and 360 NP Polartec NeoShell. Polartec NeoShell technology offers superb wind and water protection with stretch comfort and revolutionary breathability.

Westcomb Polartec Fuse Jacket

The 20 stitch per inch seam construction doubles industry standards. This higher stitch per inch allows for a lighter, yet stronger fabric seam giving a lifetime of wear and tear while reducing weight as additional top-stitching isn’t needed. The micro seam taping created the thinnest waterproof boundary while creating a more pliable seam without the added weight.

Zippers on Fuse Westcomb Jacket

The Fuse LT is the lightest Polartec NeoShell jacket on the market, yet offers  no-compromise wind and water protection. I can wear it as a layer during the winter months or a shell during the spring, summer, and fall.

Fuse LT Hoody

Fuse LT Hoody

I could have this one in my closet for 20 years. Maybe I should have gone with timeless black just in case; I might have to order another one. Maybe I’ll pick up a pair of pants while I’m at it.

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3 thoughts on “Westcomb – Worth the Splurge!

  1. Rachael says:

    I love this jacket and the company sounds like a leader in outdoor clothing. I looked at amazon and I can buy it in the US. My birthday is coming up and this would make an awesome gift. I’m going to tell my family.


    1. Lesley says:

      Well happy birthday, Rachael! I hope you get a Canadian delivery soon 🙂 casually forward this post to your family 😉

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