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One More Day Til the NBA

One of my first memories in life was watching my brother, Marshall, dribble a basketball. I was maybe 3 years old, my brother maybe 5, and my grandfather set up a basketball net in his driveway. I couldn’t dribble so I bounced the huge ball with both of my hands. It was massive, bigger than my head, and I had no idea how people actually held it in one hand. I looked up to my brother and was in awe of his mater talents. He could actually dribble the ball with one hand and he was strong enough to shoot it at the net. He was going to be in the NBA and I was going to be his biggest competition. Until then, I would watch his every move and learn from the best. That’s what big brothers are for, right?


I’ve been dreaming about basketball since I was 3 years old and tomorrow I will attend my first NBA experience through QuintEvents
NBA All Star 2013 competitions will get underway with the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge. The league’s brightest young stars from the Rookie and Sophomore classes will battle it out. I can guarantee that these men have similar childhood memories and now they are making them a reality in a big way. What do you think is going through their heads right now? I remember how nervous I was during my first day teaching; this is a whole other level!

I’m about to experience eighteen of the league’s brightest young stars playing in two 20-minute halves. Imagine the adrenaline that will be felt throughout the stadium! I think I’ll feel similar emotions to that of what I felt during skydiving or flying a jetpack. The whole stadium will be alive. 

Last year’s Rising Stars Challenge general manager Shaquille O’Neal drafted the team that brought a 146-133 victory over Charles Barkley’s, with MVP Kyrie Irving hitting a perfect 8 for 8 from beyond the arc, 34 points and 9 assists. Just saying these names is making me bubble with anticipation. Say it, SHAQUILLE O’NEAL!

I’m actually going to be there firsthand. Doors open at 6:30 and I’ll try my best to mentally bring you along with me, but some things you just have to experience for yourself. 

QuintEvents is an Official Hospitality Provider for the NBA All-Star Game and the NBA Draft. Official Ticket Packages are available through the NBA Events Program. is the website for Official Ticket Packages.

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4 thoughts on “One More Day Til the NBA

  1. Gina Fava says:

    Inspiring article! Have a great time 🙂

    1. Lesley says:

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shivers 🙂 And the excitement builds. I’m not going to sleep 😉

  2. Kevin says:

    This company offers every man’s dream. If you want to buy a gift for a man, just go eenie meenie… and that’s it. We’re easy to please.

    Ladies, it’s Valentine’s… start looking.


    1. Lesley says:

      lol, Kevin!

      I’ve been thinking about what package my husband would enjoy the most.

      Every man dreams of the Super Bowl. Maybe that will be in my husband’s future 😉

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