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Oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, You Know What I Like

Endless food and drink choices in the Gold Lounge, a fruit plate and a personal note in my room, windows galore, a massive king bed, and a pool for days… oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, you know what I like!

I’m a huge fan of Fairmont hotels, especially Fairmont Tremblant in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, so I had high expectations for the Fairmont in Bermuda. It lived up to the Fairmont name.

Today, after only a few short hours of flying, I arrived in Bermuda with an afternoon of leisure time to explore the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

I hadn’t eaten all day so when I walked into the room where a fruit tray was waiting I was oh so grateful.

I looked around at my home for the next four days; the king bed appeared small in the over-sized, blue room and the light shone in through the wall of windows christening the day. It was magnificent.

I sat and read a personal card left on the table, took a deep, relaxing breath, and reveled in the fact that I was in a new country and about to explore Bermuda.

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

I put on my bathing suit and stopped in the Gold Lounge before taking a swim. There was food, food, and more food and a wide variety of drinks as well. If that had of been all I had for dinner, it would have been plenty. They claim that it’s complimentary Hors D’oeuvres but it should be called something more elaborate because there were several tables brimming with food. I didn’t know whether to go for the dessert or the sandwiches first. I wanted it all.

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Fairmont Hamilton PrincessFairmont Hamilton Princess

The sandwiches were just ham and cheese so you’d think, “How special can they be?” but you’d be wrong! They had an indescribable sauce that made me keep going to back to fill my plate with more. Even the Greek salad was bursting with flavor. If they only had Pepsi, I would have stayed in the lounge for the rest of the day. Eventually, I couldn’t eat anymore, especially since I wanted to still fit into my bathing suit.

It’s inevitable that if I have a few hours to kill at a hotel, you can find me in the water so I spent the rest of my afternoon splashing around in the pool. Carlyn, the PR rep, joined me for a swim and we broke out the waterproof camera for underwater shots.

Fairmont Hamilton PrincessFairmont Hamilton Princess

People always ask why the shades but have you ever taken underwater photos? Your eyes always look squinty or closed. It’s hard to look good underwater. Do you have a pose that works well? Or maybe one that will make me look even more like a complete fool? Let me know and I’ll try it out tomorrow.

We have a full line-up of activities for the next three days, including some of the best things to do in Bermuda. When you’re on vacation, do you prefer to do every activity possible or do you rather relax on the resort? I guess if I’m going to do a combination of both, I need to climb into that massive king bed and get some sleep.

See you in Bermuda tomorrow. There’s a full day of exploring ahead.

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One thought on “Oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, You Know What I Like

  1. Misifusa says:

    Looks like you’re having so much fun! Thanks for the pool photo tip! 🙂

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