Comfortable, Cozy, & Convertible – The Medley Baby Carrier

Before I had Athena, I thought that all baby carriers were the same. I also was completely naive about how often I’d use a carrier. Medley Baby CarrierBabies spend a lot of time in the stroller, crib, and swing, right? Why do I need a good carrier? Well… a little over a year in and I totally understand. Let me just say for the record I use the carrier daily and it does matter which kind you have for your child and for yourself. I’ve tried a number of brands and was recently asked to test out the Medley Baby Carrier by JJ Cole Collections. I already have a couple options but in a search for the best, I thought I’d give it a try. It’s a comfortable, cozy, convertible option that works well for both Athena and me.

Comfort is a necessity in a carrier. If you’re going to be strapping an additional 8-35 pounds to your chest, you want to have padded straps and breathable material. The Medley has a padded, breathable harness system with unique straps that are shaped for adjustable fit and comfort. The waist strap takes the brunt of the weight so your shoulders and back have very little strain. It took a few tries to get the straps just right, but once they were adjusted, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The longest I wore the carrier was one hour; my back and shoulders didn’t feel any strain and even with the darker material, I didn’t feel excessively hot.

JJ Cole Medley

JJ Cole MedleyAthena is cuddly and when it’s time to sleep she likes to rest her head on my chest. Since there are no straps between her and I she easily falls asleep without material, clips, or buttons near her face. The convertible carrying options allow us to explore when she’s alert and ready to go or rest when she’s tired and needs a nap.

Ease of use is extremely important for moms and babies as well. If Athena is crying, I don’t want to worry about getting her out of the carrier. Even if I’m just going to a store, I want it to be quick and easy. The Medley does come in two separate parts which I thought would be a hassle but it ended up being a bonus instead. I can slide on the padded, breathable harness as simply as pulling on a vest. Then, the carrier part clips on by buckling four clips.  I buckle one side and then slide her into the carrier by fitting her leg though the leg opening. Her weight rests on the carrier while I’m buckling her in. It’s simple and I never feel like I’m going to drop her. She’s supported even before the clips are buckled.

JJ Cole Medley

I’ve decided to make the Medley my go-to carrier. I’ve adjusted it perfectly for me and it’s with me in the house for laundry, cleaning, and dishes. Then, it follows us to the van for exploring and outings. JJ Cole Collections you got it right with the Medley Baby Carrier!

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