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Living”stone” It Up in Curacao

Athena and I have inspected every aspect of Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort in Curacao and the verdict is in – this place rocks! From the over-sized room and the enclosed patio to the luxurious pool and the luscious surroundings, the Livingstone is family-accommodations at their best.

This four-star resort is centrally located in the Jan Thiel Bay with over 100 beautiful villas and apartments. Our villa is equipped with a full kitchen and a separate living area, air conditioning in the bedroom, and a spacious veranda. It’s surrounded by a tropical garden and offers privacy in all directions. Athena’s favorite aspect of the villa is the closed off veranda. I could easily leave the door open and she could play outside without being able to venture off on her own. We played on the veranda during the day and in the evening. The refreshing breeze was exactly what we needed after a relaxing swim. I love the separate living area. When Athena went to sleep in the evenings, I could watch television or write without disturbing her. We both reveled in the massive king bed and even managed to sleep in yesterday morning. The entire villa was a breath of fresh air.

Livingstone Resort Curacao

Tropical flowers and plants filled the resort and created a sense of serenity and privacy. As we strolled around the gardens and side streets, it was like stepping into a simpler time where the only worry was when should we go for a swim.

Livingstone Resort Curacao

Livingstone Resort Curacao

From the moment Athena opens her eyes until she falls asleep at night, she is dreaming about swimming in the pool. She might say “pool” 200 times a day. Needless to say, the Olympic size swimming pool was used often during our stay.

Livingstone Beach ResortLivingstone Beach Resort

Additional services offered at Livingstone include: a baby sitter service, car rentals, internet, a mini market, laundry, housekeeping, a bar and restaurant, and a beach and facilities. While I didn’t need the baby sitting service this trip, it’s definitely a great service to have in my knowledge base for next time. I did make excellent use of the internet, as you can see, and I ate regularly in the restaurant. With a full kitchen in the villa and a supermarket across the street, your options are not limited.

Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort

Our stay at Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort was an unforgettable experience. It was pure relaxation with an obvious focus on comfort, service, and relaxation. What a perfect introduction to a surreal country filled with endless beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Living”stone” It Up in Curacao

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow Athena is growing so fast! She is beautiful!! The resort looks awesome! She will have experienced wonderful places while growing up! Awesome awesome!

  2. Ryan says:

    I was searching for family resorts in Curacao and found your review. Thanks for sharing. We’re going to book this resort for our trip in January. I’m on the website now and it has everything we want. I love the pool like you the most.

    I’ll be reading for other suggestions.


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