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Calm Enough for Her; Active Enough for Me

Finding family-friendly destinations that offer something for everyone is difficult. Someone always has to compromise. But at Bennett Lake in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, there is something for everyone. Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating, hiking trails, swimming, and barbecuing are part of the experience at Bennett Lake. My in-laws, Darren, Athena, and I all found something fun to do today at the lake.

Athena is always happiest when she’s in the water. She likes a pool the most because it’s calm and warm, but today was her first experience in a lake. The gentle waves lapsed over her feet and the sand felt soft between her toes. It was the perfect temperature to cool her off without giving her a chill. Someone offered her a bucket and pail to play with and she was in Heaven. She played with Daddy and Grandpy for an hour while Nanny and I went to kayak the lake.

Bennett Lake, New Brunswick

Bennett Lake, New BrunswickWe rented a double kayak for $15 for the hour. Wendy, my mother-in-law, has only been in a kayak once before but she’s in great physical shape and she moved us more quickly than I expected. It always amazing me how agile and strong she is. She’s my mother-in-law and she is in better shape than I am. Regardless, we had a beautiful afternoon paddling and splashing each other. We’re comfortable enough together that the silences aren’t awkward yet we can talk for hours without running out of things to say.

Bennett Lake, New BrunswickBennett Lake, New Brunswick

We paddled the entire lake in 40 minutes and stopped for several photos along the way. I noticed Athena, my father-in-law, and Darren playing in the water. I could hear her giggling from the kayak and my heart was filled with joy. I was on the lake with Wendy, Athena was blissful in the water, and Darren and Len (my father-in-law) were spending time together. In those moments, I couldn’t think of anything else that I wanted in life. I was completely content.

Bennett Lake, New Brunswick

After returning the kayak, we stayed at the beach long enough to utterly exhaust Athena. Her sleepy eyes were are indicator when it was time to leave.

Bennett Lake, New Brunswick

Any day on the water is a great day in my eyes but Bennett Lake offers so much more. Calm waters for children, boat rentals for the entire family, and plenty of spots to eat, rest, and play make Bennett lake calm enough for her; yet active enough for me.

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  1. Bennett Lake looks like the perfect place to spend the weekend. Even though I’m more of a beach person, this lake looks very pretty. And I loved the title of your post!

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