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Is This a Dream?

Today I was asked, “Are you forgetting what your home looks like?  You sure have been on the move lately!” and it made me think about my whirlwind adventures in the last two years and reminded me that this month officially marks two years of blogging.  Since starting Bucket List Publications, I’ve visited more than a dozen states, four provinces, and 8 countries. I’ve participated in the most extreme adventures and I’ve made life-long friends. I created something I am proud to say is mine. This weekend I’m in Colorado visiting Beaver Creek Lodge on a press trip and I’ve come to realize that this is the accumulation of all of my wildest dreams come true.


I’m sitting in my suite overlooking the Colorado mountains and preparing for whitewater rafting tomorrow. That, to me, sounds like a movie. I would have never dreamed such a blessed life. I didn’t start out rich and just have a beautiful life handed to me. I consciously thought about what would make me happiest in life and I found out how to make it a reality. It seemed impossible, but one small glimpse of unrealistic dreams, of courage, of not accepting the norm led to this.

Beaver Creek Lodge, Colorado is my office this weekend and the view is epic!

Beaver Creek Lodge Room

Beaver Creek Lodge RoomBeaver-Creek-Lodge-in-Colorado

Beaver Creek Lodge

Thank you for all of your support and continued readership. Without you, I won’t have any of this. I never realized so much beauty existed in the world. This is my idea of Paradise. I hope you’ve found yours.

What is your ideal career? What is your ideal living location? What is your top travel destination? Do you have a bucket list? Share your goals with me as I have shared them with you and lets make them a reality.

*This journey was made possible with help from Beaver Creek Lodge; however, as you probably know by now, all opinions & thoughts are my own.*


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One thought on “Is This a Dream?

  1. Heather says:

    I’m so there when it comes to finding out what makes you happy and going for it. I’m all about planning, and if I plan to do something, it happens! We’ve only got one life, and I’m not going to wait around and let it pass by. Clearly, you aren’t either! Live the dream, and don’t be afraid to change it along the way. Your experience is an inspiration!

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