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Live The Bucket; Life On A Thai Island

Had Yao Beach: remote beauty at its finest.

Is living on a Thai island on your bucket list? It was definitely on mine, and I say was, because I’m doing it right now. For the last three and a half months I’ve been so excited to call Koh Yao Noi my home.

Beautiful Had Yao Beach Is Thailand At Its Best

Rising majestically from the placid waters of Phang Nga Bay, Koh Yao Noi, or small, long island, is everything you might imagine a Thai island to be, a veritable tropical paradise. Unspoiled golden sands, turquoise warm seas and the ubiquitous swaying palms.

Tha Tondo Pier

My girlfriend Leslie and I have spent the last couple of years living in the technetronic, crazy fast pace world of South Korea. I taught English at various academies, while Leslie pursued her freelance writing career. But we both wanted to focus on our writing, and needed to find a special place to do it. After coming to Yao Noi for a mini break, we knew it was the perfect literary haven for us.

A friendly Hornbill in our garden

It’s small, peaceful and ultra friendly, and as yet untouched by flocks of gaggling tourists…at least for now. We spend most of our time writing in our hammocks, or thinking about our writing at a variety of the idyllic and tranquil beaches, as we bask in the solitude of island living. The only noises we hear are the six a.m. like clockwork call of our resident rooster, the 5 times daily melodic call to prayer of the Muezzin, and the regular call of a cold beer from the fridge.

Busy Writing Bucket List Posts

It’s a wonderfully dreamy lifestyle when you can call a small tropical island home, where the only stresses are falling coconuts and running out of bug spray. And although we will leave here soon for an upcoming jaunt to the beautiful chaos of India, there’s still time yet to spend long hours swinging in our hammocks while pondering where to add to our ‘call it home’  bucket lists.

Leslie’s ‘call it home’ bucket list dream is Paris…where is yours?

Sunset beers at Pasai Beach

If you’d like to read more of my posts about all things travel, please swing by my blog Twenty First Century Nomad. I hope you like it. Cheers, Steve.

Leslie Takes A Break From Working

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