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Tahoe, Tahoe It’s Off to the Trails We Go

The Tahoe Granite Rocx - Jetton Park

Multi-purpose products are a must for us, especially when outdoors. I don’t have the capacity to carry 10 different things and Athena besides. We love to go for hikes in the trails, picnics in the park, or afternoons at the lake but deciding on which gear to bring can be a nightmare. The Tahoe backpack from Granite Rocx is a good fit for our active, family lifestyle.  We don’t need an army of people to carry an afternoon of supplies. We can bring a chair for each of us, a blanket, food and drinks, and a camera or phone. The Tahoe has room for it all.The Tahoe Granite Rocx

The Tahoe is a unique backpack and cooler system designed to carry any type of folding chair or even multiple chairs at once. We already had backpack folding chairs but we couldn’t carry anything in them. It still left us with our hands full and the load on our backs heavy.  The back compartment of The Tahoe bag unzips to reveal a space for holding any type of flat folding chair. Squeeze buckles with long webbing straps allow the chair to remain stable and securely held at the back of the bag. The bottom of the backpack contains straps with squeeze buckles, which can carry a cylindrical folding chair. With The Tahoe, I can put everything I need in the pack, still bring chairs, and have free hands to carry Athena or at least hold her hand. Today we used the pack to carry two chairs, a tent, food and drinks, a blanket, and beach toys for Athena. Darren could easily carry everything on his back and his hands were free to pick Athena up when she needed a little extra help. It was the first time I had free hands to take a photo when hiking in the trails, and even with all of the gear, the pack was light enough for me to carry too. I could definitely go with Athena during the week and still bring everything along.

The Tahoe Granite Rocx

The Tahoe Granite RocxThe pack also contains an adjustable sliding chest strap, adjustable waist straps with padding, and a pocket on the shoulder strap for a phone, which I use as a camera (multi-purpose again). The front compartment of the backpack has an organizer with multiple pockets and the backpack and cooler system holds a 12 can, insulated cooler attached by three squeeze buckles to the back of the backpack. The detachable cooler includes a shoulder strap to allow the cooler to be used by itself and is 9 liters. Even when we’re not hiking, Darren uses the insulated cooler to take his lunch to work. It’s much smaller than the actual backpack. Sometimes I’ll leave it empty and let Athena carry it around when we are out for the afternoon. She loves being a “big girl” and copying Mommy.

We’re always on the go. There is so much out there to explore and experience that being in the house is limited to sleeping and sometimes eating. I no longer have to worry about heating formula or bringing baby food, Athena is past that stage, but I still have years of carrying a lot of extra gear to feel comfortable and prepared with a child. It’s great to have a small, go-to, multi-purpose pack like The Tahoe from Granite Rocx for any situation.

The Tahoe Granite Rocx

I received The Tahoe backpack for free from Granite Rocx as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication. All ideas and thoughts are my own.


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