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Why Utah?

Utah state sign

“Why on Earth are you going to Utah?” I got asked that question (in one form or another) so many times before I visited the Beehive State this time last year. My response was always, “Why not?” In fact, Utah was on my ultimate life bucket list twice. Firstly, because Sue, Rich and I set ourselves the target of visiting every state in the Union by New Years Eve of 2013, which will be Sue and Rich’s 10th wedding anniversary. By that reckoning, Utah was state #46. (And if things go to plan, we’ll reach our goal a month early in just over a week, when we’re due to fly to Hawaii!)

The second reason for Utah being on my Bucket List is simply because it’s Utah, and I’ve always wanted to go there!

Admittedly, if your idea of a fun vacation revolves around beaches and nightlife, then Utah probably isn’t your dream destination. But for anyone who loves the Great Outdoors, and endless desert landscapes, Utah’s the place to be! I mean, how could anyone who’s ever seen a John Wayne movie not want to go there?

Utah used to be on my Bucket List as a place I wanted to go to. But since I’ve been there, that’s all changed. These days Utah is still on my Bucket List, but as a place I want to go back to! Because there’s still so much I want to see there.

Perhaps the photos below will convince you that Utah deserves a place on your Bucket List, too…

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park

View from the summit of Brian Head

The Amphitheatre, Bryce Canyon National Park

Down in the Amphitheatre, Bryce Canyon

Grafton Ghost Town, just outside Zion National Park

Zion National Park

The Hogsback, Scenic Route 12

Spooky Canyon (a slot canyon), Grand Escalante National Monument

Storm brewing over 10 Mile Mountain, Grand Escalante National Monument

Snowstorm on Brian Head

Lake Powell, on the border with Arizona

Sunrise over Monument Valley, also on the border with Arizona

Classic view of Monument Valley

Monument Valley at night

My name is Jaspa, and I’m the main character in the Jaspa’s Journey adventure novels by Rich Meyrick.


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9 thoughts on “Why Utah?

  1. I love Utah too! When you make it back to the Moab area, I highly recommend a moonlight hike – we took one to Delicate Arch on a recent trip and it was one of my coolest hiking experiences ever! (link to blog post:

    1. Jaspa says:

      Your moonlight hike looked incredible, Lauren. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing where your next adventure takes you!

  2. Lesley says:

    These photos are amazing! I especially love the Spooky Canyon (a slot canyon), Grand Escalante National Monument shot. Beautiful!

    1. Jaspa says:

      Thanks Lesley, Spooky Canyon (and its neighbour, Peek-A-Boo Canyon – isn’t that a great name?) were one of the highlights of a trip full of highlights.

  3. David Olson says:

    The lower third of Utah is my favorite place on earth. I’ve visited their numerous times and can’t wait to get back again.

    1. Jaspa says:

      I totally agree with you, David!

  4. Julio Moreno says:

    I have often been asked what my favorite part of the US is (since I live in Korea now) and people are surprised when I say Utah and Arizona. They expect me to say NYC or LA, but man…ZION!!!! I can’t wait to go back to visit ‘the wave’ and bryce canyon. Awesome pics.

    1. Jaspa says:

      Thanks Julio. I think most people who have actually visited this area feel the same.

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