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And Just Like that, Winter has Arrived in Banff

Winter in Canada, snowflakes

Last week, I shared a few photos that I took while travelling around Banff National Park, Canada, and I am truly humbled by the number of wonderful comments that were submitted, so I decided to show you a few more. Over the past week, Mother Nature decided to bless us with 30 inches of snow, which has everyone in town talking about one thing: skiing! And Just Like that, Winter has Arrived in Banff.

And Just Like that, Winter has Arrived in Banff

November is an exciting time of year for local residents of Banff. The hustle and bustle of the summer tourism season has come and gone, traffic and parking are easy to find. The local ski resorts start teasing us with photos and potential start dates for the upcoming ski season. A fresh crop of Aussies are running around town in their “jumpers” looking to get all the necessary gear that is required for an extended ski holiday in Canada. It truly is an exciting time of year!

It’s at this time of year that I look through old ski and snowboard photos and get myself psyched up for the coming season. Here are a few that I hope you will enjoy seeing as much as I did taking them.

Sunshine Village

Cold winter morning at Sunshine Village Ski Resort

Sunshine Village Ski Resort is famous for Canada’s best snow and three mountains of diverse terrain.

At Sunshine they are proud to feature runs ranging from easy greens to the hardest double blacks. You’ll find terrain for the whole family to enjoy.

Snowboarding at Lake Louise Ski Resort

My Friend Lachlan, from Australia, poses for the camera at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Ski Resort is known for it’s spectacular scenery and versatile terrain. With over 4,200 acres spread across four mountain faces, Lake Louise is also one of the largest ski resorts in North America.

Just minutes from the village of Lake Louise, the exceptional layout allows visitors of all abilities to ski together with beginner, intermediate and expert runs from every chair.

Lake Louise Ski Resort on a powder day

They say that there’s “no friends on a powder day” and this photo is living proof. I’ve lost sight of all my friends in a cloud of snow.
Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise is known for its variety from gentle slopes and long cruising runs, to glades, chutes and some of the Canadian Rockies most exciting, wide open bowls.

When visiting the Lake Louise Ski Resort, be sure to take your camera! The spectacular views of mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests are truly unique and befitting of Canada’s first National Park.

Skiing at Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village Ski Resort offers some incredible backcountry access to Banff National Park. This area is known as “Back Door” and is a favorite among locals.


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23 thoughts on “And Just Like that, Winter has Arrived in Banff

  1. Michelle says:

    Is that you in the yellow jacket? What an amazing photo. I could never ski in conditions like that but it is beautiful.


    1. Kevin Carter says:

      Yup, that’s me in the yellow jacket!
      Skiing in snow that deep is an amazing experience; it almost feels like you’re flying. I can’t recommend it enough.
      Where do you like to ski?

      1. Michelle says:

        Mostly in Colorado but I’m more of a beginner. I try snowboarding too but alas I’m not very good at that either.

  2. Alex says:

    OMG I live in the tropics and this looks sooooo cold. Enjoy.

  3. Clark says:

    The 2nd pic looks like it could be on the cover of a magazine.

    1. Kevin Carter says:

      Thanks Clark!

  4. Keith says:

    Incredible! I’ll be in Alberta in March. My sights are now set on Sunshine Village Ski Resort.

    1. Kevin Carter says:

      March is, without a doubt, the best time of the season to come. Warmer temperatures are a lot more snow!
      I highly recommend you bring (or rent) avalanche equipment, so that you can explore the Freeride Zones at Sunshine Village.
      Where do you ski regularly?

  5. Debz says:

    I’ve been to over 40 countries and I’m American but I haven’t been to Canada. This is the west coast right? Have you ever been to the east?


    1. Kevin Carter says:

      Hi Debz,
      The photos are from Western Canada, yes.
      In eastern Canada I would recommend resorts in the province of Quebec. Mont Ste. Anne or Mont Tremblant are both excellent resorts.
      If you’re into ski touring, the Gaspesie area in Quebec is amazing. Most of the touring offers spectacular views of the sea.

      I would love to ski some resorts in the eastern U.S. someday. I hear that Jay Peak in Vermont is incredible.
      Have you skied there?

  6. Nelson says:

    What type of camera do you use? The first picture has great color. Is it touched up?

    1. Kevin Carter says:

      Thanks Nelson!

      The first photo came straight out of the camera, and was cropped. I had to dial back the exposure since I was shooting directly into the sun, which is how I achieved the deep tones in the sky.

      The first and last photos were taken with my iPhone, and the second and third photos were taken with a GoPro.

  7. Jordan M says:

    My wife and I are thinking about a ski trip to Canada this year. Where’s the best hills for advanced skiiers? Thoughts?


    1. Kevin Carter says:

      Hi Jordan,
      Can you tell me a bit more about the type of ski holiday that you’re looking to have?
      Do you prefer slopeside accomodations, great nightlife, small lift lines, endless powder, etc.?
      Once I know a bit more about your preferences, I will be able to give you some suggestions that fit the bill.
      Thanks for commenting!

      1. Jordan M says:

        We don’t care about nightlife and will most likely not even know it exists. Slopeside accommodations would be sweet! We’ve skied most of Europe’s top mountains but it will be our first time in Canada.


        1. Kevin Carter says:

          OK, great!
          Most people will probably try to sell you on skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb, and that’s not a bad choice. It is constantly ranked among the best resorts in the world for a reason!

          However, I would recommend you look into skiing in Revelstoke, BC. Revelstoke boasts the highest vertical in North America, has an average snowfall of 10-15 meters (that’s not a typo!) and is a venue for the Swatch Freeride World Tour.
          Slopeside accommodations are available at a fraction of the price, and you won’t have to worry about lift lines or tourist traps.

          If skiing powder is what you’re after, then Revelstoke is the place to be!
          This YouTube clip will illustrate a typical day in Revelstoke.


  8. Ann says:

    Too cold and extreme for this old lady, but the photos are dreamy.

    Thank you for sharing Kevin,


  9. Heather says:

    Your photos make me SO excited for ski season! And also make me feel so thankful that I live close to such wonderful skiing.

    1. Lesley says:

      I’ve actually been considering visiting the mountains because of Kev’s photos.

      Have you been skiing already, Heather? We had snow here in Charlotte today, but I’d have to drive for a bit to get to a ski mountain.


      1. Heather says:

        Ski hills have been opened already, but I’m saving my skiing for the new year!

        1. Lesley says:

          I decided today that I’m going to go! Athena (my daughter) and I are heading up to Alberta on December 14th for some winter fun. 🙂

  10. Sue says:

    You are very talented with the iPhone of yours! 🙂 Love the picture of the sun behind the tree at Sunshine Village. I can FEEL the cold air going up my nose and in my lungs just looking at it. We just had our first dusting in Green Bay, WI today. Highs only in the 20’s tomorrow and Saturday so I am going to try to get a bike ride in today with the temperatures a balmy 35.

    1. Sue says:

      oops – meant tomorrow and Sunday….

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