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Bucket List LifeProof for My Phone

LifeProof Fre Case

An extreme adventure bucket list lifestyle is rough on gear. My computer and phone have seen over ten countries this year and they’ve taken a beating. I needed more protection for my phone than the typical case. LifeProof’s fre was the ideal fit! What does it offer?

✓ Built-in scratch protector protects touchscreen
✓ LifeProof’s original and proven case technology
✓ The most comprehensive device protection available
✓ Completely waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof

LifeProof Fre

From the beaches to the mountains, the ocean to the dessert, LifeProof matches my active lifestyle with amazing quality and protection.

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII so I went with LifeProof’s frē case, featuring a built-in touchscreen scratch protector and LifeProof’s legendary four-proof protection — water, dirt, snow, and shock. The water protection is always the one that worries me the most. Even after testing the case for leaks, I still shuddered at the thought of ruining my phone. It’s like holding my “life” or at least my career in my hands.

LifeProof Fre

Even though the case was water tested at the factory before being shipped (all cases are tested), they suggest you preform another pre-installation water test. The slogan is “Test now – rest later!” I snapped the case front and back together, closed the charge port door and headphone jack plug, submerged it in the water for 30 minutes, and removed the case. It was completely dry without a hint of moisture.

LifeProof Fre

Now, I had to do the part I worried about – install my phone. I removed my current case, inserted my phone into the case back and snapped on the case front. I closed the charge port door and headphone jack plug just like the trial run and read the instruction again just to be certain I did everything properly. I placed it in the water and waited… and waited. Nothing happened. It was dry.

LifeProof Fre

I was beyond happy. On every trip this year, I wished I had a waterproof case for my phone and now I do. I almost want to plan a quick beach vacation just to bring my phone. Maybe I’ll hop on a plane for a surprise getaway after Christmas.

When I was in Jordan, the case would have been ideal for dirt, dust, and water. It’s totally sealed from minute dirt and dust particles. Every beach trip would have been made easier with the LifeProof case. It can fully submerge down to 2 meters for up to an hour.  And my current and upcoming winter vacations could use a little more snow and ice protection. Although I don’t think it would survive a skydive drop, it is safe for up to 2 m or 6.6 feet. The LifeProof frē takes the worry out of having a “bucket list” phone; now all that it’s missing is a tracking devise.

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2 thoughts on “Bucket List LifeProof for My Phone

  1. Jeff says:

    I had no idea they made a waterproof case for the Galaxy. I’m ordering it now.

    Thanks for the head’s up.


  2. Sara Jo says:

    Love. Love. LOVE this!

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