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Lost in Time Together at The Dig, Atlantis

The Dig, Atlantis

Today, Athena and I embarked on a journey through the streets and tunnels of the fabulous lost city of Atlantis while admiring stunning marine life exhibits at The Dig. Paradise Island’s The Dig features habitats for Lionfish, lobster, seahorse, clownfish, piranhas, groupers, tropical fish, iridescent jellyfish, and Moray Eels. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and Athena and I soaked it up together.

The Dig, Atlantis, Bahamas

People often ask me why I travel with her when she’s never going to remember it anyway; today was clearly the answer to that question. As she watched the fish, talked to them, and even lay on the floor to get closer to a shark, I couldn’t tell if I was in Atlantis or Heaven. She was completely and utterly happy, joyous and immersed in a new world, and I was even happier watching her. That is what life is all about – teaching your children and learning with them. We sat on the floor together and talked to the fish, sharing the occasional “Wow” and “Hello” when a new fish swam by. We were lost in time together at The Dig.

The Dig, Atlantis Bahamas

These are the moments that give purpose to life. Regardless if Athena remembers them or not, she will remember being happy as a child. I will remember sharing these happy moments with her and she will be more curious and adventurous because of what we do together today so I want to make it count.

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One thought on “Lost in Time Together at The Dig, Atlantis

  1. Daniela says:

    What an amazing post. Athena is a lucky girl! I agree “these are the moments that give purpose to life” and sharing experiences with our children gives light to our souls

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