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All in 2 Hours at San Juan Marriott

San Juan Marriott

2 hours in the right place can offer more fun and adventure than a year somewhere else. Today, Darren and I arrived at San Juan Marriott Resort and we only had two hours together. Darren was returning back to North Carolina and I am staying in Puerto Rico for an extra few days. Between check-in and check-out, for Darren at least, there was only a two hour window. We put on our bathing suits and headed toward the water activities. With a refreshing pool, a water slide, and a beach with one gigantic wave after another, we were like two big kids running around the playground.

We hadn’t even gotten wet yet, but I wanted to zip down the water slide. Rather than deciding who was going to go first, we rode down the slide together. Since we’re not exactly the size of kids, though, we both didn’t quite fit on the landing and I ended up going flying down the slide when Darren tried to sit down.

San Juan Marriott Water Slide

San Juan Marriott Water Slide

After a couple tries, we figured it out and made a game out of it. Turning, laying down, sitting up, pointing our toes to go faster, we were like a bobsledding team racing down the track. We increased our time with each run and I was anxious to try new techniques every time.

We played in the pool between each slide and got a few odd looks from other, adult guests. Horsing around, splashing, playing, and laughing in the pool isn’t for everyone. I guess we’re expected to be adults but, thanks to my parents and my grandparents, I never really learned how to be an “adult” around water.

San Juan Marriott Pool

We chased each other, practiced our synchronized swimming, and performed various jumping, spinning and splashing moves. Most people either assumed we were drunk or certifiably crazy, but it was just another day in the pool for us.

If people are judgmental about my pool etiquette, they really must hate my beach  etiquette. I let the waves hit me, I turn my back on them, my hair flies everywhere, I wear my glasses, and I definitely, definitely get knocked around. I would compare myself with a wounded sea lion if I had to describe what I looked like in the ocean.

San Juan Marriott San Juan Marriott San Juan Marriott San Juan Marriott

All of this happened between 12 pm and 2 pm today. Wasting time when there are so many adventures is not part of our vocabulary. Darren and I like to make the most of every day in our lives, but when you give us a playground like San Juan Marriott it’s a whole lot easier.

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  1. Kim says:

    Looks so inviting! We’ve been fogged in where I live. Thanks for sharing your piece of paradise.


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