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The Views at San Juan Marriott

San Juan Marriott

City views, colorful buildings, beach pools, waves, waterfalls, and turquoise waters make San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino a photography haven. Come on a tour with me of the heart of Condado and see for yourself.

The views of Condado from the Executive Lounge are breathtaking; at 21 floors up, you can see for miles. I visited the Executive Lounge at sunset and I lost track of time. At first, I sat inside and enjoyed hors d’oeuvers while watching the sun bless the sky, it’s rays shooting down in all directions.

San Juan Marriott

As it went below the buildings, the sky lit up with color. I spend another 20 minutes sitting on the balcony and listening to the waves crash below. The air was still warm and there was a light breeze. I didn’t need a sweater or pants; my dress was warm enough for the Caribbean weather.

San Juan Marriott Today, in the middle of the day, without a magical sunset or golden hues, the views were equally spectacular. I enjoyed the bird’s eye view for another hour before returning to my room. It’s easy to get lost in the moment here. San Juan Marriott Executive Lounge Views

San Juan Marriott Executive Lounge Views

Whether you enjoy swimming or just relaxing on a lounge chair, the pools at San Juan Marriott have you covered… or uncovered depending on if you’re working on your tan or not. I’m not much for tanning, but I could swim for hours. I watched an 18 month old girl playing in the water and it was a refreshing reminder of how much Athena loves to be in the pool. I also noticed an older girl, maybe 5 or 6 years of age, swimming back and forth in one of the smaller sections of the pool. Her father was proud and smiled every time she touched the wall. I offered to time her with my watch and she giggled before saying, “Please!” It looks like a made a new friend, too, because when she saw me later in the day she swam in my direction and asked if we could play together again. It was a simple moment but I felt good about her trust in me.

San Juan Marriott Pool

San Juan Marriott Pool

San Juan Marriott Pool

San Juan Marriott Both the city and pool views will bring a smile to your face, but it’s the beach that is the piece de resistance. I can’t get enough of it. I played in the waves for 45 minutes today and I was shriveling up and exhausted but I didn’t want to go inside. Then, when I finally got out of the water, I went to my room and sat on the balcony looking down at the ocean until sunset.

San Juan Marriott Beach San Juan Marriott Beach

Puerto Rico is stunning and San Juan Marriott offers some of the best views in the Caribbean. I could definitely warm up to winter if I spend more of it here.

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  1. Nice pictures, I always like to be in high buildings and dream away while enjoying the birds eye view . I like watching the skyline of a city, and I like seeing the sun painting the clouds. I recently went to a high roof terrace in Penang (Malaysia) and had a magnificent view of the mountains and the ocean. It is indeed easy to lose track and get lost in the moment at such places.

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