The Most Dependable Auto Shippers – It’s Right in Their Name

Dependable Auto Shippers

When we decided to make the cross-country move back to California from North Carolina, we were faced with a number of obstacles, including how we were going to get our mini-van across the country. Driving it, selling it, or shipping it on the back of the U-Haul weren’t options, leaving us with the task of finding a dependable auto transport company. I searched for the best transport companies and felt even more confused. There was horror story after horror story of bad transport companies with accidents, bad timing, horrible service, and even stolen vehicles.  When I came across Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) I wondered if I found the diamond in the rough. With 58 years in the industry as a leader in vehicle relocation, over 1,200,000 vehicle deliveries and exceptionally high ratings, we decided to give them a try. What did we discover? They were the most professional, timely, courteous employees that delivered our van before the expected date in better condition than when we gave it to them. They deserve a standing ovation for their quality and service.  

Before booking with DAS, we checked for a pricing quote online. They have an easy-to-use, accurate system that can be found on their homepage. We cross-checked with over a dozen other companies and DAS offered the best price for door-to-door service. Darren called them on the phone to book and within 10 minutes all of the arrangements had been made. It was as simple as that.

Shipping Quote from DAS

The day before the van was picked up, a DAS agent contacted me to offer a two hour time frame for pick-up. When the guy arrived, I was shocked to see that he was taking the van on a flatbed truck. He wasn’t even driving it to the location. He had a form to discuss any current damage to the van and even though the weather was terrible, he was timely and friendly. I felt very comfortable leaving my vehicle in his hands.

I was also given a tracking number to follow the progress of the van.  The tracking system is user-friendly; all you have to do is put in your tracking number and the first four letters of your last name. With the long move and everything that went along with it, though, I didn’t end up tracking the van at all, but having the option gave me way more comfort than not knowing at all, especially if was getting close to the delivery date.

Track Your Vehicle with DAS

Three days before the expected delivery date, which was already sooner than any other company could offer, I received a call to say that the van had arrived at it’s final destination and they would like to discuss delivery times. If the early delivery wasn’t surprising enough, they arrived with the van on a flatbed again and this time it had been washed. It looked like it was just driven off the dealership lot.

My time was never wasted waiting around, the staff were exceptional, the delivery was timely, and the level of service was far above my high expectations. No wonder DAS has become a top quality vehicle relocation provider. The reviews were spot on. There isn’t one thing I could ask for above what DAS provided.


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  1. Rodney Gottier says:

    That is a great post about DAS which makes them top A+ auto delivery knowing how to keep their name great too. I have never had that but I talked to my wife about what we could do when moving cars from 1 place to another. This would be a nice business to use.

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