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The Ultimate Day Spa – Espa Riga, Latvia

Espa Riga

True relaxation is a fine art that can be discovered at a day spa called Espa Riga, Latvia. Since it was snowing, windy, and cold in Riga today, I spend the full day incorporating use of Espa Riga’s Treatment Thermal Suite and Relaxation Area before enjoying an extended Swedish massage followed by refreshing deep in the pool. My mind, body, and soul were revitalized, leaving me ready to explore more of Riga’s culture, stunning beauty, and historical landmarks.

Outdoor Vitality Pool ESPA Riga

I arrived at 12:30 pm and made my way to the Thermal Suite located on the 6th floor. I used this time to prepare my mind and body for a massage. The roof top, open-air Vitality pool was the perfect place to enjoy an underwater massage. With a constant water temperature of 38 °C, the outside air felt refreshing against my face. The snowflakes landed comfortably around me and I remained warm. It was like a dream; I was surrounded by falling snow yet I didn’t feel cold.

After 30 minutes in the Vitality pool, I switched over to the steam room. Rather than feeling overwhelmingly hot, I used the shower wand to rinse my legs and body with cold water while relaxing in the room. My back tension from long flights was already melting away like the snowflakes over the pool.


I continued to the relaxation room and waited for my masseuse by the fireplace while listening to soft music.



The massage was a full body experience using firm pressure to encourage circulation. Strong gliding strokes and stimulating movements helped soothe my muscles, leaving me energized and revived.  It was the most unusual massage I’ve experienced. Quicker, softer movements with copious amounts of oil created a euphoric state. It was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I could breathe more freely.

ESPA Riga Pool

I finished off my spa day with a final swim in the 18m indoor swimming pool and left as a more relaxed, energized person. At Espa Riga, the location, the award-winning treatments and products, and the luxurious fire and water elements conspire to create an unforgettable experience.

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One thought on “The Ultimate Day Spa – Espa Riga, Latvia

  1. Melissa says:

    Sounds delightful! Who doesn’t LOVE a great massage right ?! Even though it was faster than normal it means she tapped into your energy field and was going with the flow. It happens and it’s not a bad thing if it wasn’t a slow massage ! I’m a massage therapist so I understand. Thanks for sharing!

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