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GoBe 700+ Wide

Being very new to the amazing world that is scuba diving, it seemed as though this new realm was infinite in its fruit, that is, until I realized “It’s Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Depending on the location, water clarity, time of day, and depth, these incredible experiences may be dimmed or be reduced to complete darkness without the aid of excellent underwater lighting. Having a GoPro allows me to record these amazing and intimate experiences so I may share them with my friends and family.  Although the GoPro has decent low light performance, I was still in search for that perfect underwater videography accessory: Lighting. Enter the GoBe+ 700 Wide flood light from Light & Motion. These amazing little wonder lights feature a 60° flood beam optimized to fill your entire field of vision with smooth, even lighting. With a running time of up to 54 hours and weighing a mere 161 grams, not only are they extremely travel-friendly and long lasting, they are even factory sealed and waterproof to 120 meters!

The GoBe platform is reliable, easy to operate, and extremely versatile. Compatible with 6 different light heads, they are great for underwater, work on land, and can be mounted to just about anything.

The GoBe Platform

The GoBe Platform. Versatility all day long.

The geek in me loves the technology crammed into these lights. Featuring a high capacity Li-Ion battery, LED lights, variable beam power settings (steps from 50 to 700 lumens), a battery status indicator, Light & Motion has somehow even incorporated an integrated thermal management system into these little gems. By circulating air and water through specially designed ports behind the light head and through the body, these lights continue to perform optimally both under and above the surface.


GoBe+ 700 Wide head

GoBe+ 700 Wide head


You might ask “What about reliability, ease of use, size, performance, and versatility?” Considering their output, these lights are not only remarkably small but they are light and very sturdy. I mounted my GoPro to their GoBe+ Action Camera Kit featuring 2 GoBe+ 700 Wide lights, Loc-Line arms, mounts and a CNC milled action camera tray and the results were incredible. The entire system was easy to maneuver under water and allowed me to get into tight areas where I could video some very special underwater moments. The battery life of the lights easily excelled that of the GoPro while providing brilliant light for all my underwater subjects.


GoBe Lights Comparison

GoBe Lights Comparison


The GoBe lights ought to be a staple item in any adventure videographer’s kit. Just toss the USB charging cable to your bag, turn the “lock” switch to off (so it won’t be accidentally turned on during your travels), and you’ve now got lighting covered for any situation, be it a wreck dive, base camp, or a shadow puppet show for your daughter before bedtime.

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