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Tips for Visiting RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas

Riu Cabo Beach

It seems I don’t need to convince any of you to visit RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas. From your comments, I can see that many of you are already booked for the Mexico vacation. So what do you want to know? After four days on site, I’ve come up with a few tips. From dining to the best places to relax, here’s my view of a little piece of paradise.

Tip 1: Drink the Coco Rosa at RIU

Bar at RIU Cabo

Whenever I go to an all-inclusive resort, it always takes me a few days to find my favorite drink. Don’t waste your time with other drinks; the Coco Rosa is perfection in a glass. (Don’t be shy to walk around with a pink glass guys; when it’s this good, who cares?)

Tip 2: Ask for Absolute Vodka

Brand Name Alcohol at RIU Cabo

I knew that the resort offered premium alcohol choices but I wasn’t getting them in my drinks. Then, a lady suggested I ask for Absolute. It changed my stay! Oh how I love Absolute. After taking a closer look, I noticed loads of premium alcohol choices; all you need to do is ask.

Tip 3: Reserve your Free Scuba Lesson in the Pool 

Underwater Riu Cabo

Tons of resorts offer a free scuba lesson in the pool and I always say that I’m going to do it but forgetting to book it leaves me holding my breath. Book all of your lessons, activities, and dining early. This photo could have totally been of me scuba diving in the pool rather than my typical underwater smile shot.

Tip 4: Try the Buffet First 

RIU Cabo Buffet Dinner

At most resorts, the buffet is lack-luster and the worst part of the stay, but the buffet at RIU Cabo is a celebration in itself. There’s a band and candy apples and cotton candy. It’s like going to a festival every night. Yep, that’s a chocolate fountain at the buffet. And what’s next to it? It’s a white chocolate fountain. Heck yes, loosen your pants.

Tip 5: Walk on the Beach in the Morning at Least Once 

Riu Palace Cabo Beach

The only way those turquoise waters could be any better would be if you were experiencing them with someone you love. We took a morning walk on the beach and we were the only ones in sight. I imaged owning beach front property and this was my personal view. A little far-fetched, yes, but I was happy in my own little world.

Your visit to RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas is going to be awesome regardless if you follow my tips or not but it’s always nice to have a heads up before arriving at a new destination. Have you already been to the resort? Share your tips below.

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