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Can You Drink All Day & Party All Night?

Hard Rock t-shirt

Hard Rock Band at Heaven

Hard Rock Riviera Maya is one big party, especially in the adults only section. This morning, on my way to the pool, I grabbed two Pina Coladas; not to sound like the song, just because I love Pina Coladas and two was all I could carry. And I had a great idea!

Club Heaven Hard Rock

Since all that is on the agenda tomorrow is an Old School Pool Party featuring DJ Huggies and a Farewell Party in Club Heaven, I’ve decided to make it a drinking day. I’m going to start at 7 am and see if I can spend the entire day drinking and still write a post tomorrow night. Do you think I can do it? As a disclaimer, I am a eastern Canadian and I have 8 years of university and a life-time with a crazy, Cape Breton family under my belt. That being said, I’m a mother of a toddler now and my drinking all day partying all night times have been a thing of the past for years.

I’ll take the GoPro with me and share the results whatever the case. What time do you think I’ll crash? Will I make it to Club Heaven at 10 pm? Will I make a fool of myself before noon? Everyone at Hard Rock is a rockstar; it’s a rockstar environment with encouragement around every corner.

If you’d like a more up-to-date experience, follow the hashtag #HardRockFAM2014 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I wonder if you’ll notice a difference from my morning posts to my evening posts. Message me on Twitter throughout the day. I’m sure I’ll have some interesting stories to share about my experiment.

The whole thing is a ridiculous idea, and reminds me of the book Round Ireland with a Fridge, but what the heck; we’ll see what happens. Welcome to the other side!

What’s your best drink-all-day tip?

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