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5 Shades of Trump Waikiki

2 Bedroom Suite on the 24th Floor of Trump Waikiki

Thirty-eight stories high and overlooking the emerald waters of Waikiki Beach, Trump Hotel Waikiki is a spectacular sight to behold.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Diamond Head, the Honolulu skyline, and the magnificent  Ko`olau Mountains, Trump is 5 shades of awesome.

Rather than trying to explain the views, I captured my favorites in photos. From sunrise to well beyond sunset, here are the views from this remarkable hotel.

5 Shades of Trump Waikiki

Honolulu view from Trump Waikiki

From the 24th floor of Trump Hotel Waikiki, the Ko`olau Mountains frame my view.

The rest of Waikiki surrounds me and is within my sights.

The rest of Waikiki surrounds me and is within my sights.

Trump Waikiki Sunset

When the sun starts to set, the sky is alive with color.

Trump Waikiki Pool at Night

It’s not so bad from the infinity pool on the 6th floor either.

Waikiki at Nigth from Trump Hotel

At night, the city is alive with golden hues and moonlit mountains.

 Each hotel that I visited in Oahu has something impressive to offer, but the views from Trump Waikiki can’t be beat.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that remained high on your list of best hotels ever for many, many years? This is what it was like for me after staying here. I’ve been all over the world but the views from this hotel will not leave my mind regardless of how many year pass.

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