Awesome Travel Blogs & Travel Photographers to Follow

Awesome Travel Blogs to Follow

I like to consider Bucket List Publications as a great source of inspiration and insight into wanderlust and adventure for families, couples, and solo travelers. Being able to explore new countries, cultures, and adventures is a dream come true. At 34 years old, I’ve participated in countless extreme adventures that I thought only existed in movies and dreams. I mean, who actually pilots a jet pack or a fighter jet? Who jumps from an airplane, rides in a hot air balloon, performs aerobatics in a biplane, and swims with whale sharks all in the same weekend? Bucket List Publications isn’t just a blog or a website; it has helped me live in a dream world. It has made my daily life better than my wildest imagination. Sometimes it’s exhausting just trying to think up my next big vacation or adventure. My imagination & dreams, fellow bloggers, and social media are my go-to sources for travel and adventure inspiration. Here’s a list of 10 awesome travel blogs and travel photographers to follow in 2015. The information is taken from their personal profile page but if you want to read more about these travel blogs and be inspired to explore the world, be sure to check out their travel blogs personally.

10 awesome travel blogs and travel photographers to follow in 2015

Number One – ExpertVegabond

Expert Vegabond

Hi! I’m Matt. Adventure travel & photography are my passions. Join me as I share entertaining stories, useful tips, & captivating images with you from around the world.

I’ve been traveling our planet for the past 4 years now. Why? Because I’m curious about the world. I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, learn new things, and grow as a person. Plus it’s pretty damn fun!

Number Two – Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market

Twelve years ago we (Dan and Audrey) left San Francisco with six suitcases, a one-way ticket to Prague, Czech Republic and no jobs. Everyone asked, “Are you crazy?”

Five years later, we did it again.

We quit our traditional office jobs in Prague, sold everything, packed our life into backpacks and set off with a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand. Our sights were set not on a particular place this time, but on the rest of the world.


Number Three – The Planet D

The Planet D

Hi, we’re Dave and Deb from Toronto, Canada. Married for 16 years we’ve have always lived a life less ordinary.

In 2004 we took a seven month trip through South East Asia and knew that we would one day we would figure out a way to make travel a regular part of our lives. We brainstormed many ideas from being dive masters to owning a bar or running cycling tours. Nothing stirred a passion in us but we kept searching until we found what made us both happy.


Number Four – Travel with Bender

Travel with Bender

Awesome! You found us! You are now travelling with the Bender family.

We left our home in Perth, Australia many moons ago in May 2012 and, other than a brief stint back in Perth for Christmas and a wedding in early 2014, we have been travelling the world nomadically ever since.



Number Five – YTravel Blog

Ytravel Blog

We caught the travel bug 16 years ago, and have been traveling on-and-off ever since. It’s our absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss. And we’ve been changing people’s lives on this travel blog since 2010.

Number Six – The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

Hi! I’m Kiersten, a California native, who, not too long ago, left my career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since then, I’ve traveled to 40 countries and have knocked some big adventures off my bucketlist. I hope to inspire you to live a life you love and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

Number Seven – XpatMatt


My name is Matt Gibson and I’m an adventure travel writer and photographer. My goal now is to make into an inspiring and useful resource for lovers of travel and outdoors adventures. To that end, I publish stories meant to express they joy I get from doing the ridiculous things that I do, photoessays meant to express the beauty that I have found in our world — both contrived and natural — and tutorials meant to help people safely learn how to expand their own abilities and explore our world through adventure sports.

Number Eight – Beers and Beans

Beers and Beans

Hi! We’re Beth and Randy and we want to help you travel better. Our blog is all about providing inspiration for your own journeys no matter how big or small. We love documenting the world around us, seeking out eclectic travel moments and inspiring others to live the life they desire. Our preferred travel style is to go slow and bring Chachy, our little 10 pound hound! We also love volunteering on the road, especially at organic farms.

Number Nine – Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

My name is Nomadic Matt and I’ve been traveling the world since 2006. Growing up in Boston, I was never a big traveler. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 23. Outside a cruise and college trip to Montreal, I had no travel experience. After college, I got a job and the standard American two weeks a year vacation. I wanted to use that time to travel. After all, it was vacation time, right? So for my first trip overseas, I went on a tour to Costa Rica.

That trip changed my life.

From that moment on, I was hooked.


Number Ten – Pause the Moment

Pause the Moment

My name is Ryan Gargiulo, and I enjoy nothing more than traveling the world, sharing my experiences from the road, and inspiring my readers to break out of their comfort zones and experience everything this wonderful world has to offer.

I’m a firm believer of LIVING life to the fullest, all day, everyday. Why? Well, I’ve met far too many people that have pushed their dreams aside in order to follow in the steps of conformity, also known as “what you’re supposed to do” when you grow up.



What travel blogs inspire you the most? Share them below and I’ll add them to my next list. Let’s explore the world together.

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  1. Renee says:

    I’ve been following Expert Vegabond for over two years. I first found his blog when you traveled with him to Fiji and I’ve been reading his posts and looking at his photos ever since. I will check out these others. I bet they are great too.



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