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Wearing My Hammock & Palms Sunglasses in the Ocean

Hammock & Palms Sunglasses Float

My family and I spend most weekends at the beaches in Southern California swimming, boogie boarding, and kayaking. I love the ocean; it’s a major part of the reason we moved to California. What doesn’t work well for me while playing in the ocean waves is the sun in my eyes. Hammock & Palms sunglasses have changed the way I see playing and spending the day in the ocean.

Boogie Boarding at Newport Beach

My Key Lime-a-Rita sunglasses from Hammock & Palms are impact resistant with 100% Bamboo frames. The are UV 400, polarized, and float. Yep, you heard me correctly. They float! I usually hate my boogie boarding photos and video. My eyes are squinting and burning or I wear sunglasses and lose them in the ocean. Finally, I can wear my glasses and if they fall off my face, I’ll find them floating on the surface.

Boogie Boarding at Newport Beach with Hammock & Palms

We spent the weekend at Newport Beach, California and I tested them out. Wave after wave, they stayed on my face. I was loving every minute of it. One wave did manage to roll me and the glasses came off. Regardless of their claim to floating, I figured the waves would manage to sink them. When I surfaced, I didn’t see them. I wasn’t shocked, but then… sitting on the other side of the waves was my glasses. I wiped off the water droplets and put them back on.

It was the first time that I could remember going home from boogie boarding without aching eyes. I would have continued boogie boarding and playing in the ocean without glasses or taking a chance loosing pair after pair but now I don’t have to. What a difference a good pair of glasses makes when you love the ocean.

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