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9 Tips for Visiting the Dead Sea

9 Tips for Visiting the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is as close as I’m going to get to heading into outer space… at least this year. The weightless feeling is such a strange sensation that it’s quite difficult to describe. There are a few tips that will help you have the best experience when you get to float in the Dead Sea.

Avoid Shaving

The saying, “pouring salt in a wound” should ring a bell here. The high salinity level of the sea will sting like a b*tch if you’ve recently shaved. Skip the shave for a couple days before taking the plunge.

Apply an Antibacterial Gel to Cuts, Scrapes, or Burns

Applying Neoporin to any cuts or scrapes will help avoid unnecessary pain when entering the water.

Consider the Situation Before Bringing Children

I’m the last person to say you shouldn’t bring your children somewhere. I love traveling with my daughter and there are very few places I won’t take her, but the Dead Sea can be difficult to maneuver for a child. I saw two children at the sea while I was there and both were screaming from pain. The salt either got in their eyes or their mouth and it was burning. Is it unavoidable with a child? I haven’t seen it.

Consider Your Location Before Stripping Down to Your Swimsuit

While our location was bathing suit friendly, not all swimming spot along the Dead Sea are as flexible. Know before you go to avoid a possible dangerous situation.

Take Pictures Before Relaxing

I don’t go anywhere without my GoPro but even waterproof cameras don’t stand up against the high salt content of the Dead Sea. One small splash from the wavy water and my camera wasn’t usable. A film quickly formed over the lens and it was impossible to clear while in the water. Get pictures early and before you relax. Then, even if your camera gets splashed, at least you’ll have a few photos.

Just Lay Back

It doesn’t take any effort to float in the Dead Sea. Just lay back and let the high salt content keep you afloat. It’s as simple as that.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Unless you are using the salt from the Dead Sea as an extreme torture technique, avoid getting it in your eyes. It will burn. It will blur your vision. And it will hurt like a thousand needles in your eyes. Imagine getting your eyeball tattooed and that would seem about right pain wise.

Do Not Open Your Mouth

Getting a few drops of water in your mouth won’t produce the same painful results of eye contact, but the taste is incredibly awful and it does hurt your lips and mouth. In the nicest way possible, keep your mouth shut.

Do Not Stay in Too Long

Your body will tell you when you’ve been in for too long and you may notice that certain areas like your face will start to burn a little. It’s suppose to be fun so enjoy it and get out before you start to hurt.

The Dead Sea, Israel

Have you floated in the Dead Sea? Do you have any tips to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below.

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