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3 Favorite Features of the 2015 Ford Fusion

2015 Ford Fusion Test Drive

I’m in eastern Canada visiting family and I was lucky enough to score a Ford Fusion to test drive while I’m here. In cooperation with Ford Canada and Taylor Ford of Moncton, I’m driving a 2015 Ford Fusion and it’s one sweet ride.

We picked up the car from Taylor Ford and the sales manager showed us too many cool features to remember, but he gave us a quick reference guide to support us along the way. He also demonstrated the park assist and linked my phone to the navigation system. It was like getting a personal assistant with the car. Even after flying over night and taking several flights, I was beaming with excitement to starting driving my new car.

Here are my 3 favorite features of the 2015 Ford Fusion
2015 Ford Fusion

1. Four-Corner Touchscreen System
Touchscreen System in the 2015 Ford Fusion

The Four-corner Touchscreen system in the car includes phone, navigation, climate, and entertainment. Once my phone was added, I called my grandparents to let them know I was in the country and on my way. It was hands-free and I didn’t even need to know the phone number. I just said, “Call Grandma” and it found her in my contacts and made the call. Luckily, we didn’t need to use the navigation system because I will always remember my way home, but we did play with the climate controls to find the perfect temperature for each of us. It was helpful because Darren is always hot and I’m always cold, especially in the damp weather we’ve been getting in eastern Canada. We enjoyed the entertainment system as well. We went between AM, FM SiriusXM and the music on my phone since it was already synced.

2. Active Park Assist
Active Park Assist in the 2015 Ford Fusion

Whenever I approach an available parallel parking space, the active park assist system can detect the space and automatically, and hands-free, steer the vehicle into that space. I’m a good driver. I’ve never had a driving violation or even a parking ticket, but if a car is capable of parking itself in a tight space, I’m definitely going take advantage of it.

3. Adaptive Cruise Control
2015 Ford Fusion Test Drive

My favorite feature is the Adaptive Cruise Control. While driving on the highway, it automatically adjusted my speed to maintain a set distance between my vehicle and the vehicle in front of me in the same lane. If I was approaching a vehicle from behind, I didn’t need to put my foot on the brake and readjust the speed. I just let the car do its thing and it adjusted for me. Then, when I entered the passing lane it gradually returned to my previously set speed. I don’t know why this feature isn’t in every vehicle. It makes a huge difference when you’re driving in eastern Canada. There aren’t usually hundreds of other cars around where you’re adjusting your speed all the time but it’s super annoying when you have to reset your cruise control regularly or when you’re approaching a vehicle and it’s going just a few km under your set speed. I usually turn cruise control off completely when there are a few other cars around. Adaptive Cruise Control eliminates that stress completely.

Would I like to own it?
2015 Ford Fusion

I love my caravan. I always swore I’d never be a mini-van mom but I am hooked. I love the space and the comfort and the height but as Athena gets older I am considering a switch. The Ford Fusion is a great fit for my family. It offers creative, new features that make a huge difference in driving comfort. The adaptive cruise control completely changes highway driving; the active park assist completely changes parking and the touchscreen system makes the overall experience much more enjoyable. I spend a lot of time traveling and on the road and I like to do it in comfort. The 2015 Ford Fusion is a great option in family transportation.

*Disclosure: A special thanks to Ford Canada for making this trip a reality. All opinions and thoughts are my own.*

12 thoughts on “3 Favorite Features of the 2015 Ford Fusion

  1. Marie-Carmen says:

    It’s a really good looking car! Would I like cars over motorcycle, I’d probably be tempted too!
    That adaptive cruise control sounds impressive! I can’t believe how far technology has gone in a few years for products like that! Makes me feel so old!

    1. Lesley says:

      I know, right? My sister got in an older car with me a few days ago and she didn’t know how to put the window down because it didn’t have power windows. So funny.

      The adaptive cruise was a dream, especially on the highway.

  2. This looks like a perfect car to cruise around and explore! Some awesome features in it and we’ll definitely be looking for one of these when we next need to find a car to drive around in!

    1. Lesley says:

      We are in the market for a new car and we didn’t even consider it before. Now it’s on the top of the list. I’m so glad we test drove it.

  3. When we lived on the mainland, a friend bought a Fusion and it was a great car. We’d looked at one previously, but decided on something else. This model looks fantastic, very comfortable. Being a Michigan girl, I root for Fords!

    1. Lesley says:

      Is Ford from Michigan?

      I didn’t grow up a Ford girl but I’m considering it for our next vehicle.

  4. Karilyn says:

    Looks fun to drive! But I have to say that I am not very trusting of the reverse cameras. I rented a car a few weeks ago and was using it and ran right into my own car!! I thought it would beep at me like some other rentals had in the past but it didn’t! oops. No damage luckily, but now I’m scared. haha

  5. Meg Jerrard says:

    Sounds like a great vehicle for a cross country road trip – we just did an exhaustive trip from the bottom to the top of the US, and sadly did it without cruise control as our vehicle is a little old. Looking soon to upgrade, so this is definitely going to be a consideration.

    Thanks for the thoughtful review!

  6. Jenna says:

    Looks like a good car! A reliable and comfortable car is so important on road trips. We have been taking a lot of road trips lately and this sounds like it would have been a wonderful option for us–our car isn’t bad, but could be better 😉

  7. My husband drives our mini motorhome; that parking assist option is absolutely intriguing to me. I might be scared to trust the speed control in heavier traffic, though. Todays cutting edge options will be tomorrows standard equipment. We’ll be watching.

  8. I love the parallel parking options! we don’t have many spots where that is required so when we go into Vancouver its often a challenge to squeeze into those tight spots when you are not used to is (and there is a line of cars behind you!). I would love a car to do that for me! sounds like a sweet ride! thanks for sharing!

  9. noel says:

    Of all the Ford cars, I think the Fusion really stands out and has become probably their best selling car for styling, technology and overall best drive-ability, and I haven’t even test drove the car!

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