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Family-Friendly Luxury at The Breakers Palm Beach

The Breakers Palm Beach, Florida

The Breakers Palm Beach is synonymous with luxury, but it’s also known as one of the most family-friendly destinations at the same time. With a dedicated Family Entertainment Center, a 4,500-square-foot outdoor playground, a kids camps, a daily entertainment schedule, a family-friendly pool and a children’s menus, The Breakers Palm Beach provides an outstanding experience for children of all ages. It proves you don’t have to give up luxury to be family-friendly.

Camp Breakers Kids' Club

Open daily, the 6,160 square foot Family Entertainment Center engages the entire family in fun-filled activities. They have an arcade, a toddler and children’s playroom, outdoor sports court featuring basketball, floor hockey, dodgeball and hopscotch and bicycle rentals.

Although our schedule was tight, we still found the time to enjoy the entertainment center including an Animal Stuffers class. Leonard, an employee at the center, helped Athena build a monkey with personal choices for a sound box, heart color and clothes. She also helped actually stuff the monkey. Leonard patiently waited for her to make all of her choices and never rushed her, even when she was distracted. Then, they filled out her “birth certificate” together and put Ella the monkey into a cute backpack. Athena was actively involved in creating her monkey.

Animal Stuffers at The Breakers Palm Beach

The Family Entertainment Center is also home to Camp Breakers. Athena attended a camp session from 9 am to 1 pm with lunch provided. It included organized activities like a scavenger hunt and crafts. In a few short hours she made a bug hat, a caterpillar and a butterfly. She was so excited about her crafts that she carried them around most of the afternoon. She even brought them to the pool when we went for a swim.

Crafts at The Breakers Palm Beach

There are four oceanfront pools  at the resort including the resort’s main pool, a 25-meter adult pool, the south pool, and a middle pool ideally suited to families. We spent most of our time in the south pool with friends that Athena met at camp, but we did get some fantastic photos of the main pool when the sun was coming up. The pools all face the ocean, making them picturesque.

Somehow we found time to visit the beach. The warm Atlantic waters are a treat for us on the west coast.

Family pool at The Breakers Palm Beach There is a half mile of private beach with tons of beach chairs and umbrellas to choose from. The bathhouse is close by for newly potty-trained kids and there are water and towel stations throughout the property. We searched for shells and jumped in the small waves.

Private beach at The Breakers

Athena had so much fun at camp, the pool and the ocean that she needed a late afternoon nap but when she woke up, she was fresh and ready to check out the playground next to the entertainment center. It has slides, a cross ladder, ramps and a climbing tunnel as well as puzzle-like features and marble games that provide sensory stimulation. Located near The Italian Restaurant, we played there for an hour before heading to dinner.

Playground at The Breakers

At dinnertime, the most popular option with families is the Italian Restaurant, but we preferred Flagler Steakhouse. Don’t get me wrong, the Italian restaurant is delicious with friendly staff and the ideal setting, but Flagler was award-worthy. The staff, and Christina in particular, made the whole experience feel like we were visiting family rather than dining out and the food was the best we had in Palm Beach. There are plenty of options on the children’s menu infused with healthy choices. Although Athena had Mac & Cheese, it was made with organic whole wheat pasta.

Mac & Cheese at The Breakers Palm Beach

At The Breakers, children aren’t an afterthought. They are an integral part of the luxury experience. They are treated with respect and consideration. From the daily activities to the outdoor spaces, children are incorporated into life of The Breakers. More families are traveling with children than ever before. 83% of American families plan to take at least one vacation with family members, including children, this year and they will be embraced at The Breakers.


***A special thank you to The Breakers for hosting us for two nights. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.***

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