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RG 25 Backpack by Rockagator Review

Rockagator backpack

As I continue with my 2016 bucket list, there are a few key pieces of gear that I’m lacking, particularly for water adventures.  While my GoPro has me covered for camera gear, I needed a backpack for hikes, kayaking, canyoning, canoeing, and other water adventures. I recently received a RG 25 Backpack by Rockagator for review and it will lead the way in my water adventures this year. It’s 100% quick submersion waterproof with comfort and support and great features. Bring on the water.
RG 25 Backpack by Rockagator

The RG 25 Backpack has a 40 liter capacity and it can easily hold my SLR camera, clothes for the day, a water bottle, and a few snacks. There is an inside pouch for my phone and keys or an extra outside pocket that is splash proof if I want easier access. There’s an internal carabiner loop strip so I can attach my gear inside the bag and keep it close to the top where I need it.
RG 25 by Rockagator Review

The pack is comfortable with padded shoulder straps, back and lumbar. There is a waist strap to take pressure off of my shoulders and back and a carry handle on the top of the bag for carrying options. I chose the black bag because there were only two options, but I’m already regretting my decision. Most of my water adventures are in hot temperatures. I lighter color bag would have attracted less heat and kept me cooler.

When the bag is correctly sealed, it will float when dropped in the water. This is a fantastic feature when in any type of boat on the water, especially while rafting. In the past, I always had to worry if my bag was attached properly to the raft and it limited my access. Knowing that the bag will float alleviates many of those worries. I still wouldn’t throw it in to test it but it does give me comfort in knowing I’m better protected.

From canyoning to white water rafting, my 2016 bucket list includes a ton of awesome water adventures. With great support, plenty of space, and waterproof features, the RG 25 backpack will protect my stuff and my back nicely.

If you’re looking for other reviews for the best backpacks for hiking in general, The Broke Backpacker knows his stuff or if you have a suggestion for other waterproof backs, I’d love to check it out.

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2 thoughts on “RG 25 Backpack by Rockagator Review

  1. Kriti says:

    RG 25 Backpack has a 40 liter capacity is a great choice.

  2. Kriti says:

    RG 25 Backpack has a 40 liter capacity is a great choice.

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