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Wonderful Bridges of the Rhodope Mountains

Wonderful bridges of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is filled with unique experiences and natural wonders. It’s diverse, majestic, and home to 7 Unesco heritage sties. One of the most naturally beautiful spots to visit in Bulgaria is the Wonderful Bridges of the Rhodope Mountains. The Wonderful Bridges are a rock phenomenon also known as the Skalnite Mostove (The Rock Bridges). They are situated in the karst valley of the river Erkyupriya in the West Rhodope mountain perched 1450m above sea level.
Wonderful bridges of Bulgaria

A legend speaks of the creation of the Wonderful Bridges. Many years ago, there were a lot of shepherds in and around the village of Zabardo. A dragon appeared out of nowhere and began to ravage their herds. For many years, the shepherds suffered from the dragon’s raids. Finally, they came up with a way to outwit him. They loaded a donkey with tinder, set it on fire, and sent it towards the dragon. The dragon swallowed the donkey together with the tinder, which was burning slowly but surely. The dragon went crazy and desperately tried to escape and finally found a small hole in the ground. Its huge body opened the crack. Years later, when the dragon bones decomposed, the large arched bridges remained. This is how the Wonderful Bridges appeared according to the legend.
Wonderful bridges of Bulgaria

The two large bridges are safeguarded however tourists are allowed over and under them. Standing below the Wonderful Bridges makes you appreciate the grandeur of the natural environment of Bulgaria.

The natural landscape of Bulgaria is diverse, consisting of lowlands, plains, foothills and plateaus, river valleys, basins, and mountains of varying elevations. About 70% of the country’s territory is hilly land and 30% is mountainous. From the Rhodope Mountains to the Black Sea, and everything in between, the natural wonders of Bulgaria are in abundance.


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