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C2 – Clothes that Can Keep Up

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I’m planning a trip around the world with Athena and packing the right clothes and gear is my biggest struggle right now. I want to have multipurpose items that can withstand months of rugged use and various temperatures. Layers are extremely important so I can explore multiple continents with as few clothes as possible. I recently received two pieces of clothing from C2 for review and I think they will both make the cut. The C2 Performance Tights and Elite Half Zip are both lightweight and match my active lifestyle. As a main layer for an early morning run or a base layer for colder conditions, these two  pieces will withstand the test of multi-season travel.
C2 clothes - Women’s Elite Half Zip

The C2 Elite Half Zip is the perfect layer. It’s made for next-to-skin wear, but it doubles as a pull-over for colder temperatures. While here in California, I can wear it alone for a morning run or over another long sleeve shirt if I’m in a colder climate. It’s lightweight with a super soft Power Wool so I’ll get all the wicking benefits without the bulk. I adore the bold blue color; it gives my that instant happy feel when I put it on.
C2 clothing - Performance TightsThe soft, stretchy fabric of the Performance Tights are like a fuzzy blanket. The Polartec technology wicks away moisture so I won’t get a chill and I prefer the dark color on bottom. I could easily wear them under ski pants on the slopes or alone in warmer weather. I’ve already washed them four times and they are holding their shape well. They hold everything in place even when I run.

C2 clothes

I didn’t think I’d get as much use out of them in early October in southern California. The days are still hot and the nights warm, but the early morning hours, when I like to go for a run or exercise in the park, they are ideal. Once I warm up, I can roll up the sleeves and zip down the shirt. I’ve worn them every morning this week and I look forward to getting use out of them all over the world.

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