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Making Travel Easier with the Demi Hugger

Demi Hugger

Whenever I’m at the airport, I place my backpack on my carry-on luggage. It’s heavy to lug around, but there is nothing worse than putting it on the suitcase only for it to slip off and hit the floor. I’ve been known to be hard on my computer and camera gear and one good fall could cost me hundreds. The last time I dropped my computer, I broke the WiFi card and it couldn’t be fixed. I ended up buying a new computer so the hundreds turned into over one thousand. After scouring the Internet for a simple solution where I could still use the best carry-on luggage that I love but attach my backpack securely to the top, I found the Demi Hugger. I reached out to the creator and she sent me one for review. Who knew that a $40 fix could have saved me thousands? Small, soft, and easy to pack, I won’t be traveling without it anymore.

Demi Hugger

The Demi Hugger is a convenient and versatile strap with velcro that securely attaches all of your travel items to your wheeled luggage case. You simply slip the Demi Hugger opening over the handle of any size wheeled suitcase and it quickly secures anything from a large backpack, briefcase, purse, pillow, blanket, or even a box. The Demi Hugger is lightweight, soft, removable, easy to store, and can be used both vertically and horizontally.
Demi Hugger

What I loved most about the Demi Hugger is the practicality. It’s easy to fold and stick in your bag. The material is durable and can be hand-washed and it can be used on even the most oddly shaped item. It’s inexpensive and you can have it personalized if you’re ordering it as a gift.

I’m at the airport almost as much as I’m at home. I appreciate gadgets that make travel easier and Demi Hugger not only makes it easier but it saves my expensive gear that I carry in my backpack and me from carrying a heavy bag.

***A special thank you to Demi Hugger for sending me the product for review. As always, all options are my own.***

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