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Giving Experience Gifts with Tinggly

Tinggly Experience Gifts

Let me make it simple for you. Are you having a hard time picking my Christmas gift this year? You shouldn’t be thinking about things; you should be thinking about experiences. What I want doesn’t fit into a box. I want experience gifts; gifts that will help me create memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to know the way to my heart, don’t buy me jewelry or flowers. Head on over to Tinggly and within seconds your shopping will be done. If you have bucket list seekers in your life, this should be on your list of places to shop for experience gifts.

Tinggly experiences map

All my life, I preferred experiences to things. Tinggly makes it easy to give the gift of experience in a thoughtful way. Rather than picking one specific adventure, one gift buys you an entire collection of experiences that can be used anywhere in the world within a 2 year period. If you’ve left it go until last minute, you can send it via email and receive it instantly or have it delivered within 1-2 business days.
Tinggly Gift BoxWhen you choose to have it delivered, it comes in a beautiful box with a nice card and instructions on how to redeem your gift. The hard part isn’t picking Tinggly; it’s choosing from all of the options, especially for someone like me that lives in California or travels to multiple locations.
Tinggly Experiences

I’ve narrowed down my recent Tinggly Premium gift experience to two options. I’m either going to use it for the Extreme Hawaii Shark Encounter, which is an opportunity to swim with sharks on Oahu, or the Discover San Diego in One Day option that gives me one day to do as many experiences as I want from a huge list including San Diego Zoo, Legoland, USS Midway Museum, Flagship Cruises Harbor Tour, and The New Children’s Museum just name a few. There’s also a One Day option for LA and Oahu. I think I’m going to need more Tinggly experiences.

Tinggly is the ultimate fun and unique gift to give. It offer hundreds of activities and experiences around the world for one low price and it gives experience seekers like me an opportunity to explore more of the world. I’d much rather collect memories than things.

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