Cloud 9 Living this Holiday Season

T6 Warbird flight via Cloud 9 Living

It’s no secret that I prefer experience gifts over material things but it can be difficult to find the greatest adventures and possibilities. This holiday season, I’ll be giving the gift of experience with Cloud 9 Living and helping my friends and family make lasting memories that stay with them for a lifetime. During my last Cloud 9 Living adventure, I did aerobatics in a T6 Warbird over the mountains in Southern California. The time before that I raced exotic cars around the speedway. Cloud 9 Living offers more than 2000 experiences nationwide. I’ll be giving and hopefully receiving experience gifts this holiday season. I encourage you to do the same. Experience is the greatest gift, especially for people who are living their bucket list.
Exotics Racing at Auto Club Speedway

Sometimes I’m limited with my imagination because I don’t know that certain activities are possible. Cloud 9 Living takes the guessing out of what’s available. Race car experiences, pampering, flights, lessons, tours, camps… the list goes on. They have thousands of amazing experience gifts for every budget, taste, and occasion.
T6 Warbird Flight with Aviator Flight Training

During my T6 Warbird flight, we flew toward the mountains and within minutes we were already doing barrel rolls. We topped 220 mph and over 4 G’s. We flew through the mountains sideways and upside down. The window was closed but I still felt completely free of obstructions. I could see everything, including the ground which felt extremely close at times. It was one of the most thrilling adventures I’ve experienced and I wouldn’t have known it was possible without Cloud 9 Living.
McLaren 570S at Exotics Racing, Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California

My Exotics Car Racing experience was equally insane. I felt like it was all a heart pumping, tire squealing haze. I drove five of the world’s most exclusive Supercars: the Ferrari F430, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550, the Audi R8, the Porsche Cayman S, and the Nissan GT-R while hitting speeds up to 100 MPH as I changed the curves of the Auto Club Speedway.
Star Helicopters Flight Lesson

The Cloud 9 Living Oath

I solemnly swear to give gifts that last a lifetime.
I vow to make dust, not collect it.
I promise to give memories, not memorabilia.
I give big smiles, not big piles.

Does it get any more fitting?

I live for travel and adventure. The memories I made while flying in a T6 Warbird and driving exotic cars will stay with me forever and I have the video to prove it in case I wonder if it was all a dream. I don’t just use Cloud 9 Living as a gift to others; I use it as a gift to myself and place where I can go to dream, explore, and discover the possibilities.

If you’re unsure which adventure would work best as a Christmas gift, you can give a Cloud 9 Living gift certificate and surprise someone with a gift unlike any other. It’s easy, convenient, and even works as a last minute gift if you forgot someone on your list.

Do you prefer experiences or material things? What’s on the top of your list? I don’t want to wake up one day and say, “I wish I have of done…”. Cloud 9 Living is a reason to celebrate.

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