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Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is a Destination Itself

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Nestled beachfront along the Caribbean Sea and 2,000 acres to explore, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is a destination itself. When planning our Caribbean trip, we decided on Bonaire, Curacao, and Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. It was like adding another country to our trip, one of extreme luxury, relaxation, adventure, comfort, and stunning beauty. Join us in a celebration of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. This is what one week at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort looks like.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao

When I walked into the Santa Barbara Suite, I thought they made a mistake and left the door open to another room but I was mistaken – the entire living room and master bedroom were all part of our luxurious accommodations.  We entered into a comfortable foyer featuring a full bath before proceeding into the living room section of the suite. With seating for five, the living room was certainly spacious enough for us. There were two private furnished balconies and a connected king bedroom. The bedroom is a standard size guestroom (38 square meters/410 square feet) with a private bathroom and a separate entrance door to the hallway.
Santa Barbara Suite

After sharing a suite with Athena for a week in Bonaire, we were in heaven to have our own sleeping area. We kept her bedtime between 7:30 and 8 pm and enjoyed the privacy of our own room once she was asleep. We could have stayed in the suite the entire trip and found ways to entertain ourselves, but there was so much more beauty to come.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort PoolThe pool was definitely one of our favorite spots to soak up the sun and play games. There are two main pools centrally located below the resort’s lobby and there is a pool bar and restaurant close by. We didn’t need to go to the bar to order drinks or food; staff came around to ask if we wanted anything to eat or drink while we were in the pool or lounging in the pool chairs.
Splash pad at Santa Barbara Resort

Next to the pool was a splash pad for kids. Although Athena spent most of her time in the pool, she made a little time every day for the splash pad. She met a young girl that was from Curacao during our first day at the pool and they played together the entire week. The smile on her face says it all.
Beach at Santa Barbara Resort

The beach was equally beautiful. It’s a natural oasis to unwind in the shining warmth of the Caribbean sun. The beach has fine, pristine white sand and yet another bar close by.

In the early mornings, Athena and I would run and play along the beach, enjoying the quiet setting and building lifelong memories. She loved the freedom to wear her bathing suit daily and the soft sand on her feet made her feel like dancing.
Beach activities at Santa Barbara Resort

We took advantage of the beach activity center by utilizing a mask and snorkel set along with fins. There were plenty of fish to see along the barrier that protects the swimming lagoon. We used the kayaks for several hours as well. Kayaking along the harbor, we enjoyed passing boats and mansions that dotting the coastline.
Shore restaurant at Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara’s open-air, fine dining restaurant, Shore, was undoubtedly our favorite place to eat. Dinner was delicious but it was the breathtaking view that really made us feel like we were in paradise.
Spa at Santa Barbara Resort

We pushed the limits of relaxation with a couple’s massage at ATABEI SPA. Our 60-minute massage began with a Balinese foot cleansing ritual using herbs, local sea salts, and a kalbass bowl as a vessel to cleanse the body and soul. We then made our way to the spa suite to be hydrated, nourished, and renewed.
Kids' Club at Santa Barbara Resort

When we wanted a little more time for ourselves or when we planned activities like the spa treatment, Athena attended the kids’ club. Its benefits were tenfold. She loved playing with other kids and making crafts and we used the time to connect and make our own special memories from the trip. I can’t stress enough the importance of having child time and adult time during family trips. There’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself and your partner. I’m always more excited and prepared to explore with Athena once I’ve had a breather for myself. At $20 for an entire afternoon, it was a worthy investment for everyone.
Wedding hut at Santa Barbara Resort

Exploring the grounds was a treat for the senses as well. Stunning beauty, soothing sounds, and soft sands made our exploration of the property a hunt for new treasures. The romantic wedding hut on the beach made me think about all the loving moments that must have happened in that very spot.
Santa Barbara Beach Resort

The early morning getaways proved to be the ideal time to find peacefulness along the beach. The massage huts were empty so we played in and around them while watching the boats passing by.
Reflection at Santa Barbara ResortEven Athena found time for some quiet reflect on the beach. I gave her a moment, but not before snapping this photo of her. It was too adorable to ignore.
Santa Barbara Resort After spending a week at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort we decided that if we had to spend the rest of our life in one place, this would be it. Exceptional service, stunning scenery, scrumptious foods with remarkable views, and many of our favorite amenities and activities make Santa Barbara a tropical paradise on earth.

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