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5 Reasons Why Tower23 Hotel Should Be on Your Bucket List

Tower23 Hotel, San Diego

With so many hotel options in Southern California, it can be difficult to choose one that fits you. Some are so unbelievable, though, that they belong on your bucket list regardless of what you’re looking for. Tower23 Hotel in San Diego is one of those hotels. Here are 5 remarkable reasons why Tower23 Hotel should be on your bucket list.

5 Reasons Why Tower23 Hotel Should Be on Your Bucket List

Number One: The Restaurant JDRN

The restaurant at Tower23 Hotel, San Diego, CaliforniaGrowing up in Nova Scotia, Canada, I know good lobster. Sometimes, even if it’s Atlantic lobster on the menu, I don’t order it because I never feel like it will be as good as home. The lobster at JDRN brought me back to cracking open juicy Atlantic lobster fresh out of the pot at home. It was incredible. Pair it with the 8oz. filet tenderloin and you have the meal that I’d ask for as my last supper. Scrumptious. Mouth-watering. Delicious.

Number Two: The Beach

The beach at Tower23 Hotel, San Diego, CaliforniaThere’s a remarkable feeling that comes over me when I’m on the beach and listening to the waves crash on the shore. It’s better than going to the spa. Tower23 Hotel is so close to the beach that we didn’t even bother to wear our shoes. We played in the waves like two children and the smile never left our faces.

Number Three: The Jacuzzi Tub

Sanctuary Suite bathroom and chroma therapy jacuzzi tub.Guess where the water came from to fill this Jacuzzi tub? It was from the ceiling. As it poured in and filled the tub with bubbles, Athena giggled with glee. In the most romantic setting lit with candles and coupled with a bottle of red wine, I climbed into the Jacuzzi with my bathing suit on so Athena could join me. We made bubble beards, we timed how long we could hold our breath, and we washed off our sandy toes. Sometimes Jacuzzi tubs are meant for playing.

Number Four: The Staff
Suite Views from Tower23 Hotel, San Diego

Welcomed with a bottle of wine made for Tower23 Hotel, I already felt special when I arrived at Tower23, but it just kept getting better. The staff treated us like the only guests in the hotel. From the valet parking to the waiters at the restaurant, the staff went above and beyond to make us feel at home.

Number Five: The Sunset Views

Sunset Views from Tower23 Hotel The view from our suite at Tower23 Hotel reminded me of why I moved to California in the first place. I could spend every day soaking up the picturesque ocean views and magnificent Pacific Ocean sunsets. Doesn’t it look Heavenly?
Even if you don’t read a word that I wrote, all you have to do is look at the photos to see why Tower23 Hotel should be on your bucket list.

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