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Bringing World Flavors to Casa De Campo

Flavors of the World London, Casa De Campo

Casa de Campo resort in Dominican Republic offers more than a handful of restaurants for every taste so it’s a treat for the taste buds to visit all year round, but they’ve created a unique dining experience that brings flavors from around the world to the property. Flavors of the World is a gastronomic journey that pairs internationally-renowned chefs with the resort’s creative culinary team, in the creation of unique, weekend-long culinary affairs that feature a different flavor of the world and the opportunity to mingle with globally-recognized talent alongside the Casa de Campo culinary team. We were onsite during the most recent Flavors of the World that featured London and creations by top London chef, Alyn Williams. I captured the experience to bring a little piece of London to you from Dominican Republic.
Casa de Campo Flavors of the World

The event took place at La Piazzetta in Altos de Chavon. The grounds are beautifully lit at night and worth exploring any time of day. We enjoyed driving the golf cart to Altos de Chavon and exploring the stone streets on foot. It felt like I was stepped into the Mediterranean in the heart of the Dominican countryside.

Once we were seated, we were given the menu. The first item on the menu was Fish & Chips. I expected a traditional tasting of battered fish and fried chips but it was a unique creation of fish with chip slivers, peas, and mint. It was paired with a Californian Sauvignon Blanc and we were off to a delicious, creative start.

Lobster Taco Flavors Tasting

Lobster Taco with chipotle mayo and green gazpacho was next and my favorite tasting of the night. Growing up in eastern Canada, I’m a lobster snob and it lived up to my expectations.
Flavors of the World LondonThe most flavorful item of the evening was the Suckling Pig with Foie Gras Sausage, Sweetcorn, and Herb Relish. The crispy batter around the pig trapped in all of the flavor and created a little burst of scrumptious.
Ice Cream Apple Pie Flavors of the WorldWhile we were enjoying the Baked Apple Ice Cream dessert, top London chef, Alyn Williams stopped by our table to chat about the experience and meet us. I love his accent almost as much as his dinner creations so I could have talked to him for hours. (I think the ample wine paired with each course helped with my chatty nature as well.)

We were so full when we left that I considered walking back to our suite until I remembered that Casa de Campo is over 10 square miles. We rode back in the golf cart with full bellies and visions of suckling pig dancing in our heads.

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